12 Reasons Why You Should Be Making Love Everyday


While it might not be ideal for every single couple, if you and your partner are down to get dirty every day it can provide some serious benefits. Putting off having some fun might actually be ruining your relationship in more ways than you realize.

Whether you’re too busy or just not in the mood perhaps working on things and making an effort for intimacy each night might really build you up in ways you never imagined. The benefits of physical love are far deeper than most people tend to really understand and it shows. If you’re willing to put in the work with your lover, you can both end up feeling a lot better overall as a result.

Below I am going to go over some benefits of making love frequently. While some might be a bit more obvious than others they are all real benefits and things you should keep in mind. Even if it’s just a quickie, you might be creating the perfect atmosphere for something great.

We release a lot of endorphins when we are having sex and in that are making ourselves feel better. Making love is within our brains a very good way to relieve pain. If you have a headache, it can work wonders.


2. It can help you sleep better.

When we make love right before bed we tend to sleep a lot better. It can help with insomnia in some situations and is usually more than enough to give you the chance to get some good shut-eye. You’d be quite surprised at how things like this play out.

When we are all worked up and stressed out having intercourse is a great way to calm down. The more you do it the more relaxed you will become. It’s a great way to end any day.

Having a normal love life can be great for your heart. This can lower your risks of having a heart attack and keep hormonal balances where they need to be. It’s not as complex as you might think.

Research throughout the years has shown that when a person has a lot of sex their systolic blood pressure is usually lowered. While it might not be true for everyone it can work wonders for many. There seems to be a strong link between the two and that is undeniable.

When you make love more frequently you strengthen your pelvic floor. This in many ways can help your bladder functioning overall. The stronger your pelvic wall is the more capable you will be of holding things properly within.

In men the more frequently they ejaculate the better when it comes to their risks of prostate cancer. Studies have been done on this in the past and one found that if a man ejacu!ates at least 21 times per month their risks are drastically reduced. While [email protected]!on counts doing things with a partner are quite prominent as well.

8. It will boost your libido big time.

When you’re having trouble feeling like you want to make love, having it when you do is likely to make you want it more. Making love is a great way to improve your l!b!do. The more intimate you are the more you’re going to in most cases want to get down and dirty.

When we partake in the act of love we also have more immunoglobulin within our bodies. This helps us fight off diseases and illnesses overall and can be a huge benefit to our health. While it might not seem like much it is a big game-changer.

10. It can help with confidence in a huge way.

When we are being this close to someone we care about it can make us feel even better about ourselves. It makes us feel wanted and cared for in some of the best possible ways. While we should also feel this despite the intimacy, it adds a lot to the mix.

11. Its basically exercise.

When we have intercourse we burn a lot of calories and usually break a sweat. The heavier you go at it the more exercise you’re getting. It’s like you’re both spending some time at the gym but it feels a lot more rewarding.

12. It brings you and your partner closer.

When you and the person you care about are being intimate with one another it brings you closer together, there is no denying that. The stronger the connection the more emotion you’ll find in this act itself. It’s like being one with the person who matters the most to you as cliché as it may sound.



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