4-Year-Old Boy Dresses Up As His Military Dad, Gets Biggest Surprise of His Life

4-Year-Old Boy Dresses Up As His Military Dad, Gets Biggest Surprise of His Life

Kids always get excited when Halloween comes around, but dressing as your military dad count as spooky?

They get the chance to dress up in crazy outfits and walk around the neighborhood gathering candy… but this kid decided it would be a good idea to dress up as his military dad. 

A lot of children dress up as their favorite superheroes, pretending to have superpowers and costumes to convince the world they have superhuman abilities.

Be that as it may, while 4-year old Jayden Hayes likewise chose to take on the appearance of his most loved legend, his outfit did exclude a cape, cover, or favor devices.

As the expression goes, “not all saints wear capes.”

Jayden’s dad, Jermaine Hayes, is an Air Force Staff Sergeant who has stationed far away from Jayden, in Iraq.

So this year, for Halloween, Jayden chose to respect his most loved legend and take on the appearance of his father.

Much to his dismay, his mom, Kavasia, was arranging an extraordinary surprise for him.

In any case, the unexpected wound up being for both Jayden and Jermaine.

While Jermaine thought he would be amazing his young child by appearing to go along with him while trap or treating, Kavasia had something different up her sleeve.

She had really arranged a huge surprise party for both of them!

The gathering occurred in the place where they grew up, a couple of days before Halloween.

At the point when gotten some information about it, Jayden said that he frequently misses his father when he is positioned abroad, so normally, this was a massive shock to him.

Then, Jermaine got a hero’s welcome back home.

It was a beautiful moment to behold.

We can’t get enough of Jayden’s gigantic grin while being held by his number 1 hero; his dad.

The entire family looks so upbeat, at last, rejoined after a long time spent apart.