5 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out to Be True


Usually, when someone starts speaking about conspiracy theories, we instantly dismiss them and assume they are crazy. However, in reality, many of the craziest conspiracy theories have ended up being more fact than theory.

Personally, I too, was once a skeptic. And then I did a bit of research that totally changed my perspective on things. From UFOs to dark, underground government programs and experiments that would make your skin crawl, the fact of the matter is, the truth is almost always stranger than fiction. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and slap on the tinfoil hat and keep reading.

1. The U.S Government Poisoned Citizens During Prohibition


Most of us would like to believe the government has no bad intentions and works purely to make the population safe. Well, that isn’t entirely the truth. During the alcohol prohibition in 1919, the government was having a difficult time trying to make people stop making and drinking alcohol. So, to turn the heat up a notch, they poisoned the alcohol supply, to convince people that alcohol had made them sick.

2. The Government Watches Your Facebook

While they may not target everyone, the U.S government is not above spying on your social media account. In 2017, Facebook admitted to responding to over 49,868 requests from various governments agencies for user data. The information was provided by the non-profit organization known as the Electronic Frontier Foundation or EEF. The EEF publishes an annual ‘Who Has Your Back’ report and it rates tech companies used online on how they protect your info from the government’s prying.

3. The Canadian government developed a gaydar machine.

During the 1950s the Canadian government used a university professor to develop a machine to detect whether their federal employers were gay or not. And while Canada is known for their more accepting views on various people, this must have been a much different time for them, as they referred to this as the ‘Fruit Machine.’ It used pupil dilation measurements taken when they made employees watch same-sex materials.

4. The CIA did drug people with LSD.

During the early 1950s and into the early 1960s, the CIA used LSD to test the possibility of mind-control. The project is known as MKUltra, and thousands of American citizens were dosed with LSD without giving consent, or even knowing it was happening. Later, in 1973, the CIA director Richard Helms ordered the records of the project to be destroyed.

5. The wealthiest men in the world gather to conduct weird rituals ever year.

Each year during July, the richest and most elite men in the world gather at Bohemian Grove in California for two weeks. During this time, the party pretty hard, hold extremely weird rituals and have important, but very secret talks. Guests have included bankers, presidents, oil barons, and even celebrities.

Featured Image: CIA Director Allen Dulles created MK-Ultra in 1953 as America’s Cold War anti-communism sentiment reached its zenith. (Associated Press/File)



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