6 Reasons Why Some Men Just Aren’t Interested In Physical Pleasure


If you’re dating or married to someone who just doesn’t seem interested in having relations with you on the intimate level that you crave, perhaps there is something going on that you cannot see. While a lot of people think that this is their fault or that they’re not ‘doing enough’ to get their man’s attention that is rarely ever actually the case.

Men sometimes end up not wanting to be intimate or get physical for a number of reasons. Some of those reasons are quite weird while others are pretty simple and straightforward. That being said, most men also aren’t going to be willing to come forth and talk about those reasons. As a girlfriend or wife, you might think that somehow you’re just not attractive enough or something else of the sort but I assure you, he is most likely very attracted to you but for his own reasons has ‘low libido.’

Below I am going to go over some of the more common reasons why a man won’t be as interested in getting down and dirty. These reasons are much more realistic than you think and can really hold a guy back in the bedroom. Just because he’s not being physical doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you.

If a man is going through a performance issue he isn’t going to want to be open about it. He is going to feel ashamed and as a result, close off in this way. If he can’t get things going for you, he will feel as though he isn’t doing his job and that can be a serious blow to him in a lot of ways. It’s not that you aren’t enough, he just needs to see professionals and get things going as they should be again.


Sometimes when our hormones are out of whack it can cause us to have a low libido. We don’t want to do much of anything with our members and aren’t really able to sometimes as a result depending on what is going on hormonally. Hormonal imbalances can happen to anyone and even things like depression can make someone just not want to get it on.

3. He is just way too overworked/stressed.

When we are stressed out and working too hard we tend to close ourselves off in a lot of ways. A man might want to be more physically intimate or not intimate at all. This varies from person to person and everyone is different in their own ways.

4. He feels weird initiating and is waiting for you to make a move.

Some men feel a bit peculiar making moves towards being intimate. They want the person they’re interested in or dating to make all the moves. While this might be a bit frustrating playing the waiting game isn’t going to make them want to initiate. Some people are just too shy to do-so.

Medications can do a lot to our bodies and that in many ways includes lowering our libidos. If he is on medication with that listed as a side effect when you notice the difference you should perhaps ask him to mention it to his doctor. A simple change could do the trick.

6. He feels vulnerable when it comes to ‘opening up’ sexually. 

Some men prefer self-pleasure over being vulnerable to the point where they have to allow someone else to take their physical needs on. While not all are like this some really go to extremes in regards. They feel a lot of pressure and are uncomfortable as a result.



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