Advertisements Compliance

At Woked, we choose our advertising partners and publishers carefully to ensure that placements are tailored to a specific audience by carefully selecting websites that offer a high standard of editorial quality.

We aim to work with sites that offer content that meets the high expectations of our own audience, meaning we don’t promote violent or graphic imagery, adult content, deceptive information, or anything that would constitute as a poor or unexpected user experience.

If you feel we have fallen below these standards, please email our compliance team at and let us know, in as much detail as possible, how and where we have failed so we can use this information to better our service.

If ourselves or one of our partners has been found to have breached an acceptable boundary, then we will conduct a review and update you with an outcome.

Complaints received are confidential and any information provided will only be used to carry out an investigation, and won’t be shared with other parties.