Unusual Animal Friendships That Will Brighten Your Day

Sometimes animals find friendship with the most peculiar creatures.


Animal friendships can be unpredictable.

Dog versus cat, cat versus mouse, mouse versus snake…

These pairings are some of the supposed mortal enemies of the animals kingdom.

However, sometimes animals find friendship with the most peculiar creatures.


Let’s take a look at some unlikely animal friendships will bring a smile to your face and make your day!

Black Lab & African Elephant

These animal friendships are just too cute!

Bubbles, the African Elephant, was brought to Myrtle Beach Safari Park after both her parents were found killed by poachers.

Upon arrival at the Safari Park, Bubbles met Bella the black Labrador.

The connection was almost instant, and now the unlikely pair plays together all the time.

Bubbles will even have a catch with Bella and throw a ball with her trunk.

Fox & Cat

This improbable of animal friendships was found playing together by a group of fisherman on the shore of Lake Van in Turkey.

Luckily, people have been able to capture many photos of the pair, which have since gone viral.

They are constantly seen together playing and looking for food.

A year after this photo was snapped, they were spotted again, still happily together.

Giraffe & Ostrich

These two very different species are the best of friends.

The 3-year-old giraffe, Bea, met the 10-year-old ostrich, Wilma, at the Busch Gardens amusement park, in Florida.

Despite their different genetics and age differences, worker sees them playing together all over, whenever they can.

This picture truly captures their love and affection for one another.

Dog & Wild Fox

Disney once created a film about the unlikely animal friendships featuring a fox and a hound.

Well, the story is brought somewhat to life between Tinni the dog and Sniffer the wild fox.

Tinni belongs to photographer Torgeir Berge.

Together, they live in the forests of Norway.

One day, on a walk, they encountered a wild fox (who they later named Sniffer).

Tinni and the fox instantly had a connection.

The two now play frequently in the woods together and Berge snaps all the pictures he can.

Labrador & Duckling

Meet Fred, the yellow Labrador.

Unlike most labs, Fred is a gentle soul and loves all animal friendships, especially with ducklings.

The duckling pictured is named Dennis.

Dennis’s mother had been killed by a fox when Fred found him.

Fred immediately began licking Dennis and caring for him.

They have been inseparable ever since.

Fred takes Dennis to the pond and they even sleep together in the evenings.

Rabbit & Kitten

A woman decided to foster 5-week-old kittens in Scotland.

She already had a cat named Ellie.

However, Ellie as not the one who stepped in to help the woman raise the newborn kittens.

However, her rabbit, named Summer, was happy to step in and take over the motherly duties.

The owner says the rabbit is very good with the kittens, as she lets them crawl and play all over and around her.

Baby Marmoset & Chihuahua

Unfortunately, this baby marmoset was not originally accepted by the other marmosets at a zoo near Thetford, England.

However, luckily zookeepers had a backup plan – Sam, the Chihuahua.

Sam was brought in, so the tiny, baby marmoset would have something to cling onto.

The marmoset would hug Sam all day and go outside for some fun in the sun including exercise.

Akita & Lion Cub

Many zoos around the world pair dogs with wild animals and it sometimes leads to great animal friendships.

It helps create not only a bond with another animal but keeps the exotic animal calm in what could be an overwhelming situation.

Meet Koneko and Sam.

This duo was paired together at the Glasgow Zoo in Scotland.

The zoo was originally skeptical about the pairing, unsure how they may interact.

However, the pairing was a success and now they love spending time together.

Chicken & Rottweiler Puppies

This pairing is certainly an interesting one.

The hen, Mabel, was not trying to incubate the babies, but rather keep herself warm.

The Rottweilers’ mom, named Nettle, was out on the farm in Shrewsbury, England.

When Nettle arrived back at home and ready to take care of her pups, the new animal friendships were discovered.

Although strange, both the pups and the mom accepted their new family friend.

Cheetah & Dog

Like Koneko and Sam (a pair featured previously), Kasi and Mtani were brought together when they were both young to create a pair in a zoo.

They were only both a couple months old when they met, and they have since lived like brother and sister.

They live in the Cheetah habitat in Busch Gardens in Florida.

They are such a successful, famous pairing, that NatGeo even did a special on them!

Llama & Dog

This baby llama, named Mahogany, was sadly rejected by her mother.

Luckily, she met this dog, Rosie, at a farm in Essex, UK.

Their owner and farmer Reg Bloom introduced the pair and hoped for the best.

Well, the best happened and they are now inseparable.

Rosie and Mahogany do everything together including walks with the family and sharing a bedroom.

Baby Lamb & Springer Spaniel

This picture truly captures the meaning of caring for others.

This Springer Spaniel is named Jess and works on a 180-acre sheep farm in the UK.

Her owner, Louise Moorehouse, believes she would not be able to run the farm without the help of Jess.

She has trained her to do many things including feed the sheep.

She said, “I taught her to hold the milk bottle in her mouth and she did the rest.”

Bulldog & Iguana

Meet Stanley the bulldog and Romeo the Iguana.

They have one of the strongest animal friendships, despite being such different species.

Here is a picture of the two napping.

Stanley and Romeo are clearly nestling together for warmth and comfort.

Their owner says they were raised together and have had a strong connection since the very beginning.

They are definitely “brothers from another mother.”

Deer & Bunny

Does this picture remind you of any cartoon Disney movie?

Well, it should.

This unlikely duo of a deer and a bunny remind us of many scenes from the Disney classic film, “Bambi.”

The main character, a deer named Bambi, loses his mother to a hunter.

Soon after, while lost and afraid, Bambi meets Thumper.

Thumper, the energetic rabbit, teaches Bambi how to walk and talk.

Could this be that real life situation?

Great Dane & Deer

Pippin, the deer, was discovered by Isobel Springett when she was only a fawn.

Pippin was found behind her house crying because she had been abandoned.

Isobel made the brave decision to bring the fawn into her home.

Isobel was unsure of how her Great Dane, Kate, would react.

Luckily, Kate took Pippin in as one of her own or an adopted daughter, some would say.

They still are very much inseparable and an adorable unlikely pairing.

Border Collie & Pot-Bellied Piglets

One of the largest animal welfare nonprofit in the UK is Blue Cross.

Mac, the border collie, was already living there when a group of four piglets was brought in.

Even though they looked and smelled so different, Mac immediately loved them.

Mac began licking and cuddling the 4 piglets.

Blue Cross workers say the piglets rejoiced and began jumping all over Mac.

Cat & Squirrel

Like many other animals on this list, this squirrel was tragically abandoned by his mother.

However, when a family from West Sussex, UK found him they knew exactly what to do.

They brought the squirrel home and placed him between their two cats, Sugar and Spice.

Sugar and Spice had both just given birth to a litter of kittens.

Therefore, the baby squirrel fit right in amongst the kittens.

Baboon & Bush Baby

This baboon formed more than just a friendship but a family bond.

The 7-month-old baboon connected immediately with the 3-month-old bush baby when it arrived at the Nairobi Animal Orphanage in Kenya.

The baboon began treating the bush baby like it was her own.

The Orphanage says the two rarely leave each other’s sides.

They drink from the same water bowl and are frequently seen hugging each other.

Lion & Meerkat

Annel Snyman runs the Loebies Guesthouse and Predator Park in South Africa.

Since 2009, she has been hand-rearing big cats, a task which she is super grateful for.

One of these big cats is lion cub, Robyn.

Robyn got along with some unexpected creators at the park like this meerkat.

However, the Park is also home to leopards, caracal, servals and Annel’s dog Diesel.

Elephant & Mouse

This picture is a true depiction of finding animal friendships where you least expect.

This elephant and tiny white mouse are the cutest of friends.

The elephant, which is a literal giant to the mouse, are so good together.

Clearly, the elephant is very careful with his little friend as to not hurt him.

The mouse certainly gets places much faster with his new friend.

Dog & Owl

Meet Torque the dog and Shrek the owl.

Torque belongs to falconer John Picton.

Picton says the Torque has adopted Shrek and acts like her father.

Torque watches Shrek as he roams the house and they often spend many of their nights curled up on the couch together, catching up on their favorite TV shows.

Boxer & A Kid

Elizabeth Tozer of the Pennywell Farmlife Wildlife Center in Devon, UK watched animal friendships blossom between these two.

Billy the boxer decided to become a father to Lilly the goat after she arrived at the center.

Tozer said, “Lilly follows Billy around, which is really quite amusing to watch, and Billy sleeps with the goat and cleans her mouth after she feeds.”

It is clear how protective he is of her in the picture.

Hippo & Tortoise

These two have lots in common, they are heavy, like the water, and are too cute for words!

Therefore, you may not be super surprised to find out their best buds.

However, there is a 130 year age difference!

Owen the hippo met Mzee the giant tortoise after Owen was rescued from a reef where she had been stranded.

They are seen roaming around the environment together, and Owen even runs behind Mzee when he is scared.

Puppy & Wild Board Piglet

A German family was exploring the woods when they stumbled upon this adorable, abandoned wild boar.

They brought the boar, which they later name Mani, back to their home.

However, also at their home, awaiting their return was their new puppy Candy.

Luckily, the two instantly clicked and formed an amazing friendship.

Maybe it’s their closeness in age but these two adorable animals have lots of fun playing around together.

Bulldog & Squirrel

A man from Warwickshire, England found 3 baby squirrels in his garden.

He brought the squirrels inside and placed them in a small basket, close to the family bulldog, Susie.

Susie had recently given birth to a littler of puppies. Sadly, the puppies were being adopted, leaving Susie to mourn.

However, when the squirrels arrived, she took on the job of being their mother.

Lion & Bear

Unfortunately, there is no widely known backstory on this picture, but it is certainly one of the most unlikely and adorable animal friendships.

Although it looks like the lion currently wants nothing to do with the bear, it is clear the bear is showing the lion a lot of love and comfort.

Maybe they argued about what they were going to eat for dinner.

Either way, this friendship is definitely super cute!

Doberman Mix & Baby Badger

This baby badger was abandoned by his family.

After he was rescued, the badger, later named David, was taken to Secret World Wildlife Rescue Sanctuary in Somerset, UK.

Upon his arrival, Murray, a German shepherd Doberman mix immediately took on the parenting duties.

Murray was only 4-years-old and could not see the differences between herself and the Badger.

She loved David unconditionally.

Dog & Owl

Meet Ingo the shepherd dog and his pal, Poldi the owl. Ingo’s owner, Tanja Brandt is a professional animal photographer.

Ingo and Poldi make for the perfect subjects.

Ingo and Poldi like to explore the wilderness together and cuddle to stay warm.

Brandt has said the Ingo is not your normal shepherd dog.

He doesn’t like to chase after other animals, but rather make friends.

Monkey & Tiger Cub

Anjana the Chimp lives at The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species.

However, Anjana stands out from the rest of the animals there due to her loving spirit.

Here Anjana is seen taking care of a white tiger cub that was separated from its mother.

The zookeeper at the institute says that she has Anjana help out frequently with similar situations.

Lion & Dachshund – Unusual Animal Friendships

Bonedigger the lion was hand-reared by zookeeper John Reinke.

John Reinke is a double amputee, due to a freak accident.

He learned he was good with animals after his tragic fate.

Reinke took in Bonedigger when he was just a cub.

When Bonedigger was first brought to the zoo, Reinke also introduced his tiny Dachshund, Milo, to the cub.

Soon, Bonedigger and Milo became inseparable.

When this picture was snapped in 2014, Bonedigger was 500 pounds and loving his tiny Dachshund friend.

They play together, eat together, and sleep together at the G.W. Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma.



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