Bad Dog: Guilty Dogs Caught Red Handed


A dog makes the greatest pet.

They are often “bad boys and girls,” however.

Sometimes they get involved in some things they should not.

Dog moms and dads, fortunately, had caught the instance when they caught their dog engaging in activities they shouldn’t have.


Let’s take a look at some of our favorite pets who were caught red-handed…

Makeup & Money Make A Good Treat

For all the gals out there, choosing the best red lipstick is an incredible feat.

You keep it as if it was your baby.

Nevertheless, perhaps this doggy was feeling a slightly left out.

It also needed to feel attractive (and wealthy).

This note sign reads “I went into mom’s purse while she was asleep, ate a tube of her bright red lipstick, and chewed up 3 $1 bills.”

No Match For This Doggy

This dog had a field day using the items in its home.

The sign across its neck reads” I locked myself in the bathroom to eat diapers, and then I let myself out.”

This particular dog demonstrated a whole lot of tenaciousness, as it must have required a lot of stamina and determination to rip through the door.

Well, at the very least, if the pet parents were considering investing a doggy doorway to the restroom, they no longer have to.

A Whole Loaf Of Trouble

This puppy is undoubtedly giving the “sad puppy-eyed” effect to his pet parent.

Sadly, those techniques failed to work with his owner and took a photo of his shame.

The owner discovered the pooch had unpacked a whole loaf of bread and after that ate it all!

Do you assume the doggy spotted some luncheon meat as well and perhaps made a sandwich?

No matter if he did or not, he wasn’t planning to share that tasty bread.

The Dog Ate My Homework

” The dog ate my homework” is a timeless alibi for a pupil not to carry out their homework.

Nonetheless, if this particular pup associates with a college student, that excuse might, in reality, be genuine.

This doggy had a great time shredding all the paper they could get his or her teeth on.

Perhaps his owners could provide him some private files they might need shredding; we are sure he will do an excellent job!

Oh, Thing? It’s My New Collar

This dog appears almost stunned.

We could envision the conversation with his pet parent. “Hey, did you go through the garbage? I know you did, the proof is around your neck.”

To which in turn we can imagine the dog is thinking, “Oh no, this wasn’t me. This is simply my new collar; I’m kicking off a new fashion.”

If only dogs can speak, until at that time we’ll keep dreaming about it.

A Christmas Disaster

We think this puppy had way too much Xmas spirit and could not wait to unwrap his doggy treats.

Having said that, this huge green tree was obstructing his approach.

So, the most effective way to deal with it was to beat it down.

Even so, he failed to drum up treats.

The only reward he got was a guilty photo.

Fortunately, it also appears like he is acting he knows absolutely nothing about the event.

Perhaps the cat did this.

A Look Of Satisfaction

This adorable white lab knows exactly what he did as he possesses a tight-eyed grin on his face.

He definitely has a preference for your kitchen’s stocking items including aluminum foil and cling wrap (along with their cardboard containers).

Even so, he didn’t conceal the evidence very well.

It seems like he put the leftovers on a play area of his.

Perhaps mom or dad should keep the aluminum foil a little higher in the kitchen area.

Pretend Like You Don’t See Anything

” What are you pointing at? I never saw anything wrong back there.”

This particular dog seems that he is claiming that he does not see the turmoil he created.

On the other hand, when his owner once again points to the wreckage, he knows he is busted, and the dog can masquerade no more.

The dog’s face expresses it all, he knows his little games did not do the trick on his smart human.

Baby Biscuit

Poor Biscuit discovered the tough way that petroleum jelly is not the most effective reward for a dog.

The note reads “My name is Biscuit. I ate a large tube of Vaseline. Now I have to wear a diaper because I’m drooling vaseline out of my butt.”

This particular dog’s pet parents assumed it would definitely be best to put a baby diaper on their doggy, so these guys didn’t end up with Vaseline all around the home.

Tiny Dog, Big Mess

Before you have a tiny dog, do not undervalue their power.

Even though this little guy may be tiny in size, he has the spirit of a large dog, who wants to make big messes.

This very little fella got involved in something and tore it apart leaving behind reminders of it all across the floor.

It appears like he also got inside a cereal box.

We really hope he appreciated it since he may not be receiving a treat tonite.

Duo Of Devastation

This doggie duo created a mess for their owners.

Their notes read “I rolled in fresh poop while camping last weekend and immediately jumped in the car,” and “Unfortunately, the doggie car-seat cover wasn’t on, because I threw up on it the day before.”

Sadly for their pet parent, these pooches were just carrying out normal dog things, and the owner needed to take care of the messy aftermath.


What an ingenious little dog.

This white and black dude somehow opened up the fridge door and helped himself to some yummy human treats.

When inside, there is no preventing a little dog such as this.

He was able to wiggle his way on to the shelf allowing him to get the stuff all the way in the back of the refrigerator.

Luckily, his owners caught him before he was able to eat all the food, and hopefully before he got a belly ache.

It Was The Dog!

Taking a dog with you on your daily adventures can be very fun.

Having your closest companion by your side all day is a real treat.

Unless you get into a situation like this dog and his owner.

During a daily outing, the owner, the dog and other strangers were in the elevator together.

The dog passed gas. If you have ever had a dog, you know the kind of stench this can create.

Unfortunately, for the owner, the dog didn’t admit he did it.

Outside, Heating Vent – Same Thing, Right?

Getting a puppy can be an enjoyable experience.

However, part of that beautiful experience is not when the pup goes to the bathroom in the house.

Unfortunately for these new puppy owners, the puppy’s selection of where to go to the bathroom was a pretty tragic one.

His sign reads “I pooped in the heater vent, now the whole house smells like poop!”

Colorful Cleanup

These two are too cute for words!

However, one of them got ahold of some colored chalk.

Unfortunately, their owner found remnants of that chalk after one went to the bathroom.

However, his dog brother also found the remnants and thought it would be best to dispose of the evidence, the best way he knew how: by eating it.

A gross decision, but a clever one.

Too bad the owner caught both of them.

Smell Ya Later

This sign reads “I popped in my Dad’s suitcase… He found it after two days of international travel! I wanted to go, but that was the best I could do. I’m not sorry.”

Talk about a smelly situation.

Dogs appreciate a good smell, and when he saw his human was leaving, he wanted to send a piece of him with his dad.

Unfortunately, it didn’t go as well as the doggy hoped.

Dog Vs. Blinds

Dogs love to stare out windows.

We imagine this big guy saw a squirrel or the mailman and wanted to get a closer look.

Unfortunately, he somehow found a way to get tangled up in the blinds.

His mom or dad walked in at the perfect moment to not only help their doggy but to also snap this ideal picture.

Feather Fun

This doggo doesn’t look guilty at all, but rather very happy with his work.

Clearly, the dog loves the couch and the pillows.

Maybe he thought he could make it even more comfortable by adding a few feathers.

He is proud of ripping up a pillow, and he is basking in his accomplishment!

Unfortunately for his owner, he or she will have to clean it up.

Just One Cupcake

Dogs are the cutest beggars.

They always want a piece of whatever your eating.

Lots of times you need to tell your dog “No.”

Unfortunately, if you aren’t careful, the food you said “no” to is no longer off limits.

This cook turned his or her back, probably for only a second, but in that time, the dog was able to jump up on the counter and grab one of those scrumptious looking cupcakes.

Hedgehogs Beware

This brindle boy knows what he did.

The big puppy eyes say it all. His sign reads “I nip the nose off of every toy I own, including these hedgehogs – forcing my mom to sew their faces shut again continually.”

What a dedicated doggy mom, I think most people would give up and throw out the toys.

But not this mommy, she works hard to keep her pup happy.

Who’s The Big Dog Now

This pug has some special needs and therefore needs a wheelchair to get around.

But, that doesn’t hold him back.

His sign reads “I like to run over the big dog with my cart.”

The big dog doesn’t seem to be bothered by the whole things, as he is lounging in the background.

However, we are sure the pug is happy with his feats.

Lazy Or Clever Or Both?

The corgi’s sign says “I climb up the cat tree + eat the cat food, but I have to be lifted into the car.”

Therefore, is this just a lazy, smart dog? We think yes.

If the human continues to help, why not just let him or her do it. How could you not support such a cute corgi?!

However, the cats probably aren’t so happy about the dog stealing their food.

A Baby, A Boxer & A Bathroom

Who do you blame on this one, the adorable little toddler or the super cute boxer?

We can’t choose, neither can be to blame.

The only problem here is that the mom or dad wasn’t spending all their time with him or her.

With those cute faces, even covered in toothpaste, it would be tough to ever to leave their sides!

A Little Sparkle Never Hurt Nobody

No reports on how this doggy feels after his decision to eat a bottle of glitter.

But at least it makes going to the bathroom a little more fun.

Also, now no one will step on the poop as it will sparkle in the sunlight.

Maybe this doggy knew that and was trying to help out his humans.

Or maybe he wanted to help add a little more shine to the home decor.

Nothing To See Here

This dog looks just as surprised as we believe her owner did.

This dog is riding his doggy brother.

No word on how the doggy brother felt about this act.

How on earth did something like this even happen?

No matter the backstory, this dog owner walked in at the right time and gave the world this fantastic picture!

It’s So Comfy!

It is nothing new seeing dogs rip up pillows and couches.

As soon as you walk into your home and see that fluffy white material you know precisely what happened.

However, this time there was a second motive.

This doggo knew sitting on top of the cushions was comfy, so the inside must be even better!

There is no way the owner could be mad once seeing his or her dog like this.

Nothing To Wine About

Sometimes doggies like to whine or beg for human food.

Sometimes people can ignore their dog’s requests, other times one must give into the cuteness.

This cute doggy wasn’t whining but was instead looking for the wine.

Unfortunately for his owners, he found it. Luckily, the loud crash alerted his owners, and they were able to rush to the scene and capture this photo.

I Wasn’t Doing Anything

Having a cat and a dog in the same household can be a super fun lifestyle.

However, sometimes both animals are true to their nature and don’t like each other.

During a good day, these two pets may love each other.

Although the owner did not catch her pets in a conniving act, it looks like this dog has the cat cornered.

It’s a good thing their mommy or daddy found them.

Stuffed Puppy Bear

Most dog owners know, do not leave a stuffed animal anywhere the dog can reach, if you don’t want it dismantled.

Unfortunately, this dog’s owner may not have gotten the memo.

The family had an antique stuffed panda bear, and their doggy decided to chew through the face.

At least the partially stuffed animal now makes for a hilarious costume for their adorable dog.

Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving is a much anticipated holiday for most U.S. citizens.

The amount of food consumed is usually a little extreme, but everyone enjoys it, including the dogs.

Like humans, dogs tend to get all the food that drops on the floors and maybe a few scrapes from the leftovers.

Unfortunately, this pup could not wait, and he ate the Thanksgiving yams.

But how could you be mad at a dog who looks like that?! What a cutie!



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