Big Pharma Billionaire Donates $800,000 to Make Medical Marijuana Illegal

This billionaire wants medical marijuana banned completely


A Big Pharma billionaire has donated a massive $800,000 towards a lobbying group hell-bent on the fighting the legalization of medical marijuana in Florida.

The trust of Carol Jenkins Barnett, the billionaire chairwoman and president of big pharma corporation Publix, made the eye-watering donation earlier this month to the anti ‘medical marijuana‘ Drug-Free Florida Committee according to The Ledger, citing financial disclosure records from the Florida Division of Elections.

The group is opposed to Amendment 2, a measure up for a statewide vote in November that would enable doctors to prescribe medical marijuana for certain debilitating illnesses, inning accordance with The News-Press.

Barnett is the child of Publix creator George Jenkins.


She was just recently diagnosed with more youthful beginning Alzheimer’s illness and stepped down from Publix’s board of directors in June, the business had announced.

Publix said Barnett’s contribution was “personal” and was not made on the business’s behalf.

“Carol Jenkins Barnett has long supported efforts to protect Florida’s families and children against the perils of drug abuse. As such, she feels that Amendment 2 would usher in an unprecedented era of legalized marijuana in Florida as opposed to only helping those who suffer from debilitating illnesses,” Publix said in a statement to TIME. “It is her desire to maintain the health and welfare of Floridians. For this reason, she contributed to Drug-Free Florida, which is dedicated to educating the public on the dangerous consequences contained in this ballot initiative.”

The government admits medical marijuana cures cancer

The US Government has finally admitted that marijuana cures cancer.

Every year, cancer claims the lives of nearly 600,000 Americans.

And this year alone, over 1.6 million people will be diagnosed.

A lot of time and research studies have been dedicated to the cure for cancer in the last few decades.

Yet, due to the fact that of the stigma related to cannabis, this incredible plant has been largely neglected by governments and scientists as a potential cure– or a crucial piece to a remedy at least.

Many have long believed that marijuana cures cancer, but governments have always denied its potential, until now.

The government-backed National Cancer Institute (NCI) published a report with the announcement that “Marijuana kills cancer.”

Yes, you read that right: Marijuana cures cancer.

We understand that cannabis can be utilized for medicinal functions to relieve signs of lots of chronic illnesses.

In truth, cannabis has actually been utilized for medical functions for over 3000 years.

The potential advantages of medicinal Cannabis for people dealing with cancer (and other persistent diseases) include:

Appetite stimulation
Pain relief
Enhanced sleep
Government Finally Admits That Marijuana Cures Cancer
People everywhere are already curing cancer with marijuana.

How does marijuana eliminate cancer?

There are 21 chemical components found in marijuana called cannabinoids.

These chemicals activate specific receptors discovered throughout the body to produce pharmacologic results in the central nervous system and the immune system.

This is the physiological and biochemical modifications in the body produced by a drug in therapeutic concentration.



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