Top Scientist: Consciousness Continues When You Die – There is No Death


Scientists have claimed that consciousness continues after death in a groundbreaking study led by Dr. Robert Lanza.

Lanza claims that death is just an illusion and exists purely in a person mind.

Lanza explains that this happens through a theory called “bio-centrism,” which is, primarily, a particular type of energy that exists only within our minds, and is released when we die.

This energy is claimed to be a person’s consciousness.


When a physical body dies, its free to continue living in infinite parallels.

Here is what Dr. Robert Lanza said:

“There is an infinite number of universes, and everything that could happen occurs in some universe.”

As a result of this, and right to Einstein’s theory, he discusses how our consciousness continues to exist in a parallel universe after we die.

Everything that we see around us and every experience we have is a substantial spiral of details happening in our minds, time and space are just the tools we use to put everything together.

Nothing at all exists without consciousness

If we take our perception of space and time out of the equation, then our impression of death can not potentially exist in a space-less, timeless location; according to bio-centrism.

The response here is simple.

Truth is a projection developed entirely by our consciousness, and if vast parallel universes are existing symbiotically with our own.

There is altogether no reason that when we die our energies don’t carry on living, through the power of our conscience.

It takes a lot to attempt and get your head around initially however it is the aptest and as much as date theory on what occurs when we “pass away.”

The research study of our conscience is undoubtedly not a new thing either, as it has gone back a lot of thousands of years to pre-Egyptian times, and has stayed as one of the biggest mysteries in science since then.

What we see is merely an understanding.

Likewise, that area and time are the tools which our consciousness utilizes to piece everything together and is just using our bodies to store the information in.

And if there are boundless parallel universes, among them need to be both timeless and space-less … somewhere death doesn’t exist, and our consciousness can live forever.



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