Hilarious Moments Dogs Are Caught Acting Like Humans

Some of these dogs actually think they're humans.


If you have ever owned a dog, you know how similar dogs can be to humans.

They love eating “people food”, love to sleep in your bed, and definitely enjoy a good nap.

However, these dogs have taken it one step further.

These dogs are hilariously acting like humans and you must see the photo evidence!


Let’s take a looks at some crazy dogs doing their best human impressions…

Pug Ironing Socks

This tiny pug decided to help around the house.

One chore necessary was ironing.

This pug enjoys having his or her socks freshly pressed.

Although this pug is very cute, the tiny socks he or she is ironing are also too adorable not to mention.

The little head wrap on the pug is also the perfect addition to this perfect picture.

I would let this little doggo iron my clothes any day.

Enjoying An Ice Cold Beer

When it’s been a long day of digging in the backyard, chewing on bones, and barking at the mailman, you need to have an ice cold beer.

This guy wasn’t messing around and got a seat right at the bar.

His human friend in the background seems to also be joining him for a drink.

This dog is definitely a man’s best friend.

Reading A Novel

This dog looks like he was thoroughly enjoying his book when he was disturbed by a human.

Clearly, the human did not see how content he was reading, but rather just how cute he looked.

Luckily, the human was able to capture a photo.

This husky is so adorable that we also probably would have disturbed him so we could cuddle.

Riding The Train

Walks are overrated (well, sometimes). But, here, that is definitely the case.

This doggo and his human may have gone a little too far from home to walk back.

So, they decided to take the train.

This dog on his hind legs is probably taller than most humans.

Therefore, he barely fits in the train seat.

However, he knows all “good boys” sit down while riding the train.

Binge Watching Netflix

This doggo looks very surprised to be caught binge watching his favorite shows on the computer while snuggling up in bed.

He decided his human’s bed was a much more acceptable place to watch his favorite show rather than his own bed.

Maybe this is why he looks so shocked to be caught in the act.

What do you think he’s watching?

Cruising On A Bike

Nothing like riding your bike on a sunny day with your hair blowing in the wind.

This doggy certainly knows that.

His fur is majestically blowing in the wind as he cruises around on his bike.

It looks like this dog is enjoying the sunset as well with his orange-tinted shades.

However, he should have probably added a helmet for safety.

Washing The Car

Many dogs love to go for car rides.

Feeling the wind blow through their fur while their tongues fly out of their mouths is definitely exhilarating for any pup.

But, this dog knows in order to get those car rides, other chores must be done.

He knows his humans love their car sparkling and he is happy to help keep it clean.

Giving back just a little to get those car rides is certainly good for him.

Sitting Way Too Close To The TV

Growing up, your mother probably warned you that sitting too close to the TV would destroy your eyes.

However, you did it anyway.

This dog doesn’t seem real.

His body position almost looks like a little child leaning over the futon.

He must really love what’s on TV, which looks like a football game. (Wonder if he just likes watching the ball.)

But really, why doesn’t someone tell him to back up because he will definitely hurt his eyes sitting so close.

Learning How To Use Photoshop

Using programs to edit your pictures is no new faze.

People everywhere edit their pictures to make him or herself look good.

Everyone always wants to look their best in the selfie they post on Instagram or Facebook, and that includes this adorable Australian shepherd.

We think he recently discovered photoshop and maybe checking out the new features.

But, we think he’s so cute, that he definitely does not need to edit his photos.

Stretching With Some Yoga

Yoga lovers know there is a position called downward dog.

Downward dog is a position that resembles the stretching which a dog does.

Although this doggy may be more advanced than that.

Not only has he probably perfect the downward dog, but it seems some other moves as well.

The instructional video he’s watching seems to be helpful.

We wonder if he teaches any classes because we wouldn’t certainly attend.

Rocking On Guitar Hero

This golden retriever seems to be rocking out.

Video game fanatics would recognize this guitar, as it is used for the video game Guitar Hero.

It looks like he got the concept of strumming down.

However, it may be a little bit harder for him to hit all the notes (colored buttons), as in the harder levels, the notes come very fast.

His poor paw may not be able to move fast enough.

Getting Some Gardening Done

This family is clearly in touch with nature.

Not only do they own this adorable dog, but clearly a chicken as well.

Therefore, doing outdoor chores is also a family activity.

This cute doggy put on his knock-around shirt, and cute hat (to keep the sun out of his eyes) to help out with the gardening.

Unfortunately, it looks like the chicken isn’t being too much help.

Paving The Driveway

This lab would certainly fit right in with the working crew.

He clearly understands how the job needs to be done and wore the perfect outfit.

A light pair of overalls for comfort, a bright neon shirt for safety, a hat and sunglasses to keep the sun out of his face and eyes, and, finally, strong boots for a longs day’s work.

The dog is a hard worker and it shows!

Sitting Shotgun

Is there anything better than taking a drive with your human?

Yes, yes there is. It is taking a drive with your human while riding shotgun.

Sitting in the front seat makes anyone feel special, and this doggo is no exception.

He is enjoying the opportunity and is hanging out the side of the car to let everyone know just how special he is.

Enjoying A Tasty Steak

Many people love a good steak.

When cooked properly, with the right cut, steaks are considered a delicacy by many.

Dogs also love steak, especially when it is not just the scraps.

This doggo was lucky enough to get his own steak and was able to sit at the table.

His face says it all.

This dog is in pure bliss and feels so lucky to have such great humans!

Searching The Web

Look at those wrinkles!

If looks could kill, this adorable puppy bulldog would certainly knock down many.

It looks like he was innocently checking out the contraption in a spot where he may normally find food.

However, he may have found a new addiction on top of food, wi-fi, and the internet.

Oh, the things that he now has access to, searching other adorable puppies, watching funny dogs videos, or even checking out a good doggy listical.

Washing A Client’s Hair

Going to the hair salon is normally a great experience.

Not only do you get a new hairstyle, but also a nice head massage while your hair is being washed.

This salon doggo stepped in for one of the assistants and is taking over that job.

We are sure his paws a great tools for giving some great massages.

Not to mention he’s wearing a super cute scarf.

Spending The Day At The Golf Course

We think this poodle’s golf balls most likely have a lot of bites.

This cutie fits right in on the putting green with his miniature golf clubs, collared shirt, and white visor.

But, we also think that other than putting, he may be chasing after a lot of the golf balls on the fairway, which many golfers would not appreciate.

Either way, he would make a great mascot.

Pulling An All-Nighter

Studying for finals and exams in school can be ruff.

This doggy certainly shows how we all feel after a long night of studying.

It is clear he was studying hard and taking down notes when he just had to take a nap.

He even fell asleep with his glasses on.

We hope he did well on his exams because he certainly looks like a good boy.

Scuba Diving

Clearly, this Chihuahua has already mastered the stroke of doggy paddling and is ready to move onto something bigger – scuba diving.

Not exactly sure where you find such a cute scuba outfit, but he looks like he’s ready to take on the big blue.

From his tiny flippers to the tiny air tank, to those amazing goggles, this chihuahua is too cute for words!

Reading A Good Book

“The Kite Runner” and it’s follow-up book “A Thousand Splendid Suns” are amazing novels by Khaled Hosseini.

This dog certainly seems to be enjoying it, as well.

However, with the added glasses, hat, and complimentary scarf he looks the perfect, puppy scholar.

We bet he also did very well in doggy training school.

A+ for this studious-looking doggy!

Dressing For Success

We don’t know where this dog is headed but he is definitely going to have a victorious day, as he is certainly dressed for success.

The corduroy jackets, collared shirt, and great tie look amazing (and so adorable) with his blonde locks and silver, thin-framed glasses.

He looks smart enough to solve the hardest problems and get all the treats he wants.

How could you say no to a pooch looking like that?!

Taking A Dip In The Pool

This guy is living the life.

This german shepherd is cooling off on a hot day, in his doggy pool.

He remembered to put on some goggles so he doesn’t get any water in his eyes and brought a friend with him: a floating ducky.

We wonder if he also slides down that slide in the background of the picture.

We hope to get invited to his next swim party.

Dogs Graduating From School

The day of graduation is always filled with tears and smiles.

Parents, with tears in their eyes, watch their children walk across the stage, in cap and gown, to receive their diplomas.

Many pictures will also be taken.

These actions are no different than when doggies graduate from training school.

These doggies’ parents even went ahead and bought all their dogs caps and gowns as well as a diploma to chew on.

Setting Fashion Trends

This doggo is just too cool for words.

He is sporting a fuzzy hat, aviator shades, and “smoking” a pipe.

It also looks like he may be wearing a biker jacket.

This dog is on top of fashion trends and we want to be friends with him, and ask him where he shops.

However, without all of the accessories, he is probably one super cute pup!

Tanning On The Beach

This French Bully clearly is having a great day.

With views of the ocean, this doggo is soaking up the sun.

With legs outstretched and a big smile on his face, it is clear that he is living the life.

We wish we could be joining him in this ocean paradise.

However, the picture will have to do for now.

Relaxing After A Long Week

This doggy looks like he had a long week and is ready to kick back, relax and enjoy some “me time.”

The furry boots, comfy robe, and hair in a towel clearly say “do not bother me.”

He also already has his morning coffee in hand, sitting on the couch, and we assume ready to catch up on some TV.

We predict lots of rest and relaxation are in this doggo’s future.

Sleeping In His Car Seat

Safety first, always.

Children are told to be in car seats until they are at least 4 feet 9 inches tall.

Clearly, this doggy is not that height and is very tiny.

Therefore, his mom and dad are taking extra precaution while he is in the car.

A doggy car seat was the perfect solution.

Not only does it keep dogs safe, but it also makes for a great spot to nap.

Just Going For A Drive

Sometimes going out for a drive with family and friends can be a great way to clear your head and get some fresh air.

These dogs certainly got that memo.

This pack of fluffy dogs decided they wanted to take the car for a spin.

Maybe they were headed to the dog park, or maybe just around the block.

Either way, it created a picture of absolute cuteness!

Taking In The View

You are enjoying a nice day out, then suddenly you look to your right and see this.

Are you scared or happy?

Clearly, this is one of those dogs that’s keeping an eye on you and he wants you to know it.

But, he looks so cute it may be hard to be scared.

His elbow relaxed over the wood like that make him look so much like a human!



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