5,000-Year-Old Egyptian Hieroglyphs Discovered In Australia Prove History Is Wrong

Has history been a lie?

The history books have a lot of answering to do following the discovery of 5,000-year-old Egyptian hieroglyphs in Austrailia which suggest everything we’ve been taught is a lie.

Either plate tectonics have drastically shifted over last 5,000 year, or what we knew of the ancient Egyptians is wrong.


Precisely what is much more disturbing is that this has not been the first discovery that debunked current historical records, which the records appear to need a severe overhaul.


There are of course die-hard skeptics who would never acknowledge the fact that 5,000-year-old Egyptian hieroglyphs were indeed discovered in Australia.

It would not be foolish to believe so as current historical records does undoubtedly recommend that the Egyptians do not have the ability for trans-continental oceanic voyages.

Therefore, it may come as a shock to many to discover that ancient Egyptians may have contact with ancient American civilizations.

The discovery was made back in 1992 when a German scientist was performing a series of tests on some very old Egyptian mummies.

Test results revealed traces of hashish, tobacco, and cocaine lodged within the hair, skin and bones of the mummies.

This may even recommend that the ancient Egyptians learned about using these plants way before anybody else did.

Ancient Egypt Boats Egyptian Museum

Tabacco and drug grew only in the continent makings up modern America.

The concern is, how did any of these plants show up in ancient Egypt long before any Europeans discovered the Americas.

These discoveries are groundbreaking, as they point out that the ancient Egyptians did have the capability for transoceanic travel.

This not only means that our present documented history may be wrong but also the possibility that there could be other ancient cultures that have established the capability for long-range sea travel or even developed different types of technology or abilities that we may not understand in the history texts.


Upon studying the ancient hieroglyphics, many researchers believe in the credibility of the glyphs.

The glyphs also utilize a type of ancient Egyptian sentence and grammatical structuring that was only recently found.

The glyphs lie within the compounds of the Brisbane Water National Park, Kariong.

These hieroglyphic texts could shatter openly recognized history and reword many historical records.

Referred to as the Gosford Glyphs, they were found in the early 1900s, and the roughly 250 stone carvings have been an essential part of the regional culture and folklore for about a century.

The writing design of the glyphs is what makes them so unique.

They seemed incredibly ancient and utilized an old-fashioned kind of sentence and word structuring that was only used in very early Egyptian dynasties.

In fact, the Gosford Glyphs were being used so way back that hardly any records exist, therefore tries to study them have yielded little development.

Most Egyptologists do not even have the capability or knowledge to equate these glyphs.

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