6 Reasons Empaths Attract Psychopaths: The ‘Parasitic Romance Syndrome’

Do you always seem to attract the same losers into your life? You may be an empath...


There is a reason why empaths attract psychopaths and it’s not what you think. Empathetic people are like shining beacons of light for parasitic people who love to drain energy from unsuspecting victims.

Most empaths want a simple life, they are looking for love, truth, and freedom; but why does every relationship end up in a sea of tears?

Empaths attract psychopaths in the form of prince charming, handsome, polite, funny and charismatic…yes the traits of a classic psychopath.

Then one day it’s like the man you fell in love with, turned into an entirely different person.


He’s very managing all of a sudden, and after that, you start discovering lots of lies he’s informed you.

Drugs, enormous financial obligations, other women, and a history of covert violence or arrests.

You begin to look for reasons as to what happened; maybe his brain was taken over by aliens like one of those science fiction movies?

More than most likely though, you’ve merely succumbed to another psychopath.

Empaths attract psychopaths because of energy

Yes, it is a thing, empaths attract psychopaths because of their energy.

Some of us (due to no fault of our own) empaths attract psychopaths, narcissists, and sociopaths because of energy. You could be attracting them without even understanding that you do it.

It’s as if they look for particular qualities because they know the best ways to utilize those characteristics against us, to get their way with things.

Of course, psychopaths usually aren’t serial killers like motion pictures make them appear to be.

They’re just people that have a personality disorder that causes them to have no compassion, guilt, or regard for others.

They are controlling, proficient manipulators and do not fear effects for their actions like the majority of people do.

So, if you have discovered that you keep winding up in different relationships with this same type of person, you might be a psychopath magnet.

Keep reading because I’m going to talk about a few of the qualities that make you an attractive target for those with crazed tendencies.


Being codependent is not necessarily a bad thing, however, if you remain in a relationship with a psychopath, they will make the most of it.

Codependent females are typically caretakers who are take-charge and reliable.

However, they are likewise people-pleasers, have low self-confidence and have difficulty interacting with their feelings.

Psych Central defines it perfectly: “Codependency is characterized by a person belonging to an inefficient, one-sided relationship where a single person relies on the other for meeting nearly all of their psychological and self-esteem needs.

It likewise describes a relationship that allows another individual to preserve their reckless, addicting, or underachieving behavior.”

Codependent ladies like taking care of those who need them since it makes them feel required in return. Nevertheless, this means that they are additional prone to gaslighting by psychopaths.

For example, if a psychopath damaged their vehicle, they would discover a method to blame the other individual even if they weren’t in the car with them.

They ‘d most likely state something like: “I wouldn’t have been driving so fast and wrecked if you hadn’t told me to hurry.” Because the codependent wants everybody to be pleased, they might apologize to correct a scenario even if it wasn’t their fault at all.


Highly sensitive people and empaths genuinely appreciate other individuals’ sensations and needs.

Understanding people can even feel the energy, especially if someone is hurt or in trouble.

Individuals who have an antisocial condition such as narcissists, psychopaths, and sociopaths are not sensitive or understanding at all.

To put it candidly, they truly do not care about anybody, however, themselves and they feel no guilt when they utilize others for their gain.

Since empaths don’t quit on others quickly, the psychopath understands that they will remain and keep trying to ‘help’ or ‘conserve’ them after they dish out their disturbing behavior.

The longer this goes on, the more bonded the empath will end up being, and the psychopath will take much more advantage of it.


Females who matured with fantastic daddies many times fall prey to psychopaths because they are so relying on of men.

It’s hard for them to think some men would injure them so badly because their whole lives they’ve been treated like a princess by their dad.

When you’ve matured believing that wicked men must appear like the evil bad guys on TV since you’ve never come across one yet, it sets you as much as being taken advantage of.

Even if their daddies or another man they rely on, aims to caution them about the psychopath, they still believe the best until it’s too late and by then, their heart has already learned a lesson the hard way.


Shyness and a lack of self-esteem or self-esteem problems are some of the first things a psychopath notifications about a potential brand-new partner, hence another reason why empaths attract psychopaths.

In accordance with this short article that was written about a research study; guys who are psychopaths watch for cues to help them identify the level of self-confidence someone has.

They search for socially submissive body language which “includes lack of eye contact, fidgeting of the hands and feet, and the avoidance of large gestures when shifting posture.”

And the short article goes on to state: “They were psychologically vulnerable and for this reason ill-equipped to either resist this fellow’s predations or to handle them mentally after they had happened. In the consequences, they are so distressed that even speaking about their experiences is exceptionally uncomfortable.”

The psychopath understands that they won’t face repercussions for their actions if their victim can hardly discuss exactly what’s taken place to them.

That is why they seek out partners that do not have the emotional ability to withstand them.


Psychopaths enjoy taking advantage of other people, not just mentally and physically but economically too.

If you are a hard worker with correct credit and have gotten beautiful things like a home, car, cost savings or stocks you might be preferable to a psychopath.

It usually takes us a while to get to this point, so most ladies remain in their 30s and beyond.

Naturally, this is also appealing to a psychopath because they know her childbearing years are restricted.

Because of this, she might remain in a relationship, even versus her better judgment, if she thinks it’s her last chance for love and a household with somebody.


The traits that make you vulnerable to a psychopath or sociopath are hardwired in a lot of victims.

Which methods, we were simply born that way.

People who are extremely trusting will often provide their trust to a psychopath without making them earn it, another reason empaths attract psychopaths.

There’s nothing incorrect with being naive, compassionate, faithful, nurturing, tolerant, and wanting to please.

However, there is something wrong with the psychopaths that look for these types of people to injure or make the most of them.

Being loyal to your partner is how everyone needs to be, but some individuals make their dedication a higher priority than their sensations.

This makes them an easy target for a psychopath since they know that faithful individual will support them and assist fulfill their requirements.


Always pay attention to your gut instincts because your understanding nature can idea you into difficulty if you focus on it.

Make sure to set borders and discover how to say ‘no’ if you do not wish to do something because psychopaths are masters at getting their method.

Also, do not disregard problems like abuse, unfaithful or lying because they will just worsen as time passes.

If you can identify with these traits, ensure to be on the lookout for demented habits when you form brand-new relationships.

After all, you cannot change others, no matter just how much you might want to.

I hope being able to determine things that may make you prone can help you prevent future relationships that might harm you.

Stay strong and hold out for somebody who wishes to love you truly.



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