10 Years Ago, Ron Paul Issued This Major Warning to Americans

10 Years Ago, Ron Paul Issued This Major Warning to Americans

Warning about military presence in Afghanistan

Over a decade ago, former Rep. Ron Paul warned Americans and leaders about the military presence in Afghanistan.

Though there were reasons to keep troops in Afghanistan, it was clear the war would never be won.

Back in 2011, Paul outlined the reasons why the U.S. should take the opportunity to declare the war over.

“The question we are facing today is should we leave Afghanistan,” Paul said.

“I think the answer is very clear, and it’s not complicated. Of course, we should, as soon as we can.

“If we don’t [leave by the end of the year], we’ll be there for another decade, would be my prediction.”

“The American people are now with us,” he continued.

“A group of us here in the Congress — a bipartisan group — for nearly a decade have been talking about this, arguing not to expand the war, not to be over there, not to be in nation-building,” he said.

“And the American people didn’t pay much attention. Now they are,” Paul added.

“The large majority of the American people now say it’s time to get out of Afghanistan.

“It’s a fruitless venture. Too much has been lost.”

“The chance of winning — since we don’t even know what we are going to win — doesn’t exist. So they are tired of it,” he asserted, adding that there was also a financial incentive to withdraw from the country.

“Some argue we have to be there because if we leave under these circumstances, we’ll lose face; it will look embarrassing to leave.”

“So how many more men and women have to die, how many more dollars have to be spent to save face?” he asked.

Pulling out ten years ago could have saved thousands of more lives.

“The Taliban used to be our allies at one time when the Soviets were there,” Paul pointed out. “

“They want foreigners out of their country. They’re not al-Qaida.”

Paul drew a straight line from America’s $100 billion a year expenditures on the conflict to the fate of the Soviet Union under the same conditions.

“How did the Soviets come down? By doing the very same thing that we’re doing: the perpetual occupation of a country,” Paul said.

“We don’t need to be occupying Afghanistan or any other country.”

“We can’t change Afghanistan,” he said. “Even if you could, you’re not supposed to.

“You don’t have the moral authority, you don’t have the constitutional authority.”

Pauls predicted the U.S. would spend another decade fighting a seemingly unwinnable war.

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