60 Neighbors Unite To Harvest Crops For Farmer Battling Stage 4 Cancer

60 Neighbors Unite To Harvest Crops For Farmer Battling Stage 4 Cancer

Farmers come together to help man who was suffering from cancer

Anyone in the farming industry knows that harvesting crops, on vast acres of farmland, is time-consuming work.

But when a farmer from Ritzville, Washington, was diagnosed with Stage IV melanoma, he found himself at the peril of his disability which prevented him from doing his work. 

But when other farmers in his area found out about his cancer, they came together to help him.

The Ritzville resident Larry Yockey was given his cancer diagnosis in February, and at first, he tried to complete his work without asking for help.

But his cancer was so advanced; it spread throughout his body.

He revealed, “the cancer has spread to my bones, so I have a broken hip and ribs,” he told KREM Channel 2.

He was forced to admit to his he could not complete his work.

“I didn’t know whether I was going to be able to harvest as I did in years past,” Yockey said.

But upon telling his friends that he was too ill to work, he was told not to worry.

For the next three months, a group of 60 farmers from the rural Washington region devised would help their friend.

Neighbor Mike Doyle described how none of the crew even hesitated upon learning that Yockey wasn’t going to be able to harvest his own crops.

By July 29th, the group had united with dozens of 18-wheelers and wheat combines brought from their own fields.

Awe-Inspiring amount of support, the farming community, showed just how quickly they believe in stepping up to help a friend in need.

During the day, dozens of workers arrived to make sure Yockey’s crop yield wouldn’t go to waste.

“It’s just awe-inspiring to see how fast these fields are evaporating now,” he said

“Just gratitude. It’s not describable the gratitude I have for what’s going on.”

The farmer’s kindness caught the attention of people on social media, even though many city-dwellers did not understand just how impactful and immense the gesture was.

Yockey’s crops wher harvested while he underwent treatment for his cancer.

But moreover, the relief of stress that his livelihood was taken care of, his friends and neighbors allowed him to focus exclusively on his treatment for a little bit.

That is community spirit in the truest sense.

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