74% of Voters in California Reject Children’s Transgender Medical Treatments: Poll

74% of Voters in California Reject Children’s Transgender Medical Treatments: Poll

Shift Away from far-left identity politics in Democrat controlled state

A poll released earlier this month found that over two-thirds of California likely voters reject the policies allowing children access to transgender medical treatments.

The results of the poll show a shift away from far-left identity politics in a state that is currently controlled by the Democrats.

The poll, sponsored by the Women’s Liberation Front and conducted by SPRY Strategies, found 74 percent of likely voters oppose liberal policies allowing children access to hormone and surgical treatments if they claim to be transgender.

Voters were also asked for their thoughts on the two recent pieces of legislation:

AB 2218, which would establish a taxpayer-subsidized “equity” fund that could be used for transgender medical interventions and surgeries, many of which are known to cause sterility.

And SB 132, which would allow biological male prisoners to demand placement in women’s prisons.

Both bills were approved by the California legislature and await the signature of Democrocrat Gov. Gavin Newsom.

But 63 percent of likely voters disapprove of AB 2218, according to the poll.

Voters also are opposed to the establishment of a taxpayer-subsidized “Transgender Wellness Fund.”

Meanwhile, 46 percent disagree with SB 132, which would allow men to demand to be placed in women’s prisons.

A further 15 percent were unsure of their view.

Natasha Chart, board chair of the Women’s Liberation Front, said in a statement:

“While we’re disappointed that even 38 percent of Californians support the idea of putting male inmates in women’s prisons, these polling results demonstrate that a majority of voters … largely support policies that are based on an accurate recognition of biological sex.”

“The policies being pushed by gender extremists cut against the majority opinions of likely voters,” she said.

“They should stop trying to win this debate by falsely describing themselves as representing the popular will.”

The poll was conducted among a random sample of 600 likely voters between d August 29 to September 1, with an error of plus or minus four percentage points.

The survey’s results came soon after American Principles Project (APP) and SPRY Strategies released a poll.

The poll showed 79 percent of Michigan voters opposed allowing children who claim to be transgender access to sex-change surgeries or hormone treatments.

Additionally, 78 percent of Michigan voters opposed allowing biological males to compete in women’s sports if they identify as transgender.

APP executive director, Terry Schilling, noted Joe Biden’s platform is clearly “more radical than ever.”

“Biden and his fellow Democrats have pledged to use the power of the federal government to destroy women’s sports and push young children into highly experimental and dangerous sex-change procedures,” Schilling added.

“These are positions which the vast majority of American voters disagree with. And yet Democrats are rarely called out on it, getting a free pass from the media and even Republicans.”

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