Americans Urge President Trump to Stand Firm on Government Shutdown

Americans Urge President Trump to Stand Firm on Government Shutdown

Citizens show support for president’s stance on border wall funding

As the US Government’s partial shutdown heads into its third week, citizens are showing support for their president by urging Donald Trump to stand firm against the Democrats on the issue of funding for the wall along the Southern Border.

President Trump has made it clear he won’t sign any spending bills that don’t include the $5.6 billion he’s requested toward the border wall.

Over the weekend, Vice President Mike Pence met with congressional representatives to try to hash out a deal.

Trump recently held a press conference in which he brought out border agents and the Homeland Security secretary to emphasize how a wall could diminish cross-border crime, while Democrats have continued to say that a wall would be expensive, ineffective, and blasted it as “racist.”

In a report by The Epoch Times, the outlet reached out to American citizens across the country to find out how they feel about the shutdown, asking two questions:

1) Do you think Trump should continue the partial government shutdown until he gets $5 billion for the border fence? Why/why not?

2) What’s your opinion on the Democrats’ stance on the wall funding?

Some responses have been edited for brevity and clarity.

Catrina Albo, homemaker, New Jersey

“Yes, I think Trump is spot-on with the partial government shutdown. Border security is not an option for the United States.

“We welcome immigrants… [but] people who cross any of our borders illegally are breaking the law.

“We the American citizens are then faced with supporting them financially, medically, and educationally (if they have children) through our tax dollars.

“This is a burden to our economy, school system, and communities.

“We are a nation of laws, and those laws must be enforced to keep order.

“That’s a fact of any civilized society. Trump must stand firm. The shutdown is tough love for our country!

“I find it amusing how many of the Democrats who supported a wall in the not-too-distant past are now vehemently opposed to its existence.

“Trump is an unconventional politician.

“He’s a businessman first and a very charismatic public figure, with an ability to influence and make deals.

“Establishment politicians can’t predict his next move and this rattles them. Their reaction to the wall funding is out of fear.

“They are simply afraid of the unknown.”

Len Spadaro, truck driver and Desert Storm veteran, Hazleton, Pennsylvania

“I have never felt so strongly about an issue since I can remember.

“There has never been a president, ever, that had the guts and courage to stand up to the evil liberals that have created this crisis to begin with, with their anti-American, unconstitutional laws, loopholes, and sheer stupidity!

“[Democrats] all are getting schooled by the ‘Master Negotiator’-in-chief!!

“They seem to think that President Trump is the fool because he ‘owns’ the shutdown.

“Little do they know, realize, or even care how far out of touch they are with the pulse of America, what we want, what we wanted in our president, and what minced meat he is making of them right now.”

Dan Cooley, forester, West Virginia

“Yes. The United States of America is my home.

“I want to live in a country and raise my family in a place where I am safe and protected.

“President Trump genuinely cares about the citizens of the United States of America.

“He desires a safe and secure America.

“Our federal government is mandated to protect our country (read the Constitution).

“President Trump is trying to do his job, and I support that 100 percent.

“The Democrats are selfish and only concerned about themselves, their socialist agenda, and what they can personally gain.

“This is so obvious by the hypocrisy, childish tantrums, lies, and corruption that they promote.

“The bottom line is that the Democrats hate Trump and his supporters, and will stop at nothing to ruin the president and, yes, they will ultimately ruin our great country.”

Casie Steeves, marketing, Rochester, Minnesota

“Absolutely. It was his main campaign promise and with all the caravans and illegal people crossing the border, it’s to slow the amount of people coming here illegally.

“[Democrats] are just resisting and trying to rally their base.

“In my opinion, their main goal is as many illegal people here as possible, because they believe it means more supporters (and, in turn, votes) for them.”

Victor Bellino, student

“[Trump] should continue the shutdown for now.

“If he backs down now, it would anger many of his supporters and endanger him in the upcoming 2020 election.

“He should follow through with one of his largest campaign promises, if possible.

“[Democrats] aren’t giving him the funding purely to make a stance, and to try to make a fool out of the president.

“Compared to the money that we put towards other programs in this country, the $5 billion for the wall is just a drop in the bucket.

“I believe the longer they deny border security, the more and more people will begin to realize how dangerous the radical left can be.”

Jared Totsch, communications industry, St. Louis

“Yes. Most of the current and recent actions and involvement of the federal government exceeds the scope of the 10th Amendment.

“One of the few powers specifically granted to the federal government by the Constitution is border security and national defense.

“This is why building a physical barrier along our southern border should be the top priority of the federal government.   

“The Democrats are being hypocrites and two-faced.

“They actually supported border-wall funding in the past, but have now changed their tune because President Trump is in the White House.

“Aside from resisting all things Trump, other reasons Democrats don’t want the wall include: operating on emotions instead of facts/logic/reason, and attempting to import votes from illegal immigrants who tend to vote Democrat.”

Brandi Adams, self-employed, Robbinsville, North Carolina

“If it takes months shutting down the government to get the wall, then I stand with Trump all the way.

“It seems the Democrats forget easily all the lives lost due to MS-13 and how they were illegal immigrants that took those lives.

“Not all immigrants are bad people, but they should, as in any other country, enter the country legally.

“[Democrats] are like a bunch of spoiled babies not getting their way anymore, so now they are pitching a fit.”

Nena Chancy, Tampa 

“He cannot cave to the Dems on this issue.

“I hate that it has caused a government shutdown, but he needs to hold firm.

“The wall is a vital part of security for our nation.

“I feel that anyone that locks their doors at night and says they’re against the wall is a hypocrite.

“The Dems have made it a political issue.

“They are much more concerned with opposing our president than the welfare of our nation.”

Mike Alicea, retired banker

“I do believe that he needs to stand firm.

“We need a wall to stop the inflow of people whom we promise and cannot afford.

“How exceed, we can lament about social security being exhausted, our national debt skyrocketing, and other financial woes such as student loan debt, yet we should shy away from the math.

“Each illegal immigrant costs approximately $35,000 a year in benefits.

“And, p.s., they are breaking the law: You just can’t pick and choose which laws you like and ignore the rest.

“[Democrats] hate Trump so much, they don’t care about the people.

“Funny how when [Mitt] Romney and [John] McCain were running that the Dems thought the wall was imperative.

“The DACA situation could be resolved in a minute if they would just put their Trump Derangement Syndrome in check.”

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