Black Harlem Residents School Clueless White Liberals on ‘Defund The Police’

Black Harlem Residents School Clueless White Liberals on ‘Defund The Police’

Contrasting opinions on abolishing law enforcement

Far-left liberals’ favorite rallying cry of 2020 has been either “Black Lives Matter” or “defund the police;” slogans pushed by the media and Democrats alike.

More specifically, white liberals like to imagine they are speaking on behalf of the black community, despite probably never venturing into a poor black area in their lives.

Documentary filmmaker and director, Ami Horowitz of Fox News’s “Ami on the Streets,” took it upon himself to find out why white liberals in New York City thought abolishing law enforcement was a good idea.

Horowitz then asked black residents of East Harlem what they thought of defunding the police.

But he got two contrasting answers.

When Horowitz asked white New Yorkers about ‘defund the police,’ answers included: “Absolutely.”

“They’re monsters,” another one said.

“Policing in this country is about keeping black people down.”

Horowitz asked one white liberal whether he thought people in East Harlem also wanted to abolish the police.

The man replied:

“Probably the same way I feel about them, you know? Probably worse.”

Horowitz interviewed East Harlem residents, and their thoughts did not reciprocate those of white liberals.

“I think they’re full of crap.”

“I think they’re being somewhat ignorant.”

“Abolishing the NYPD? That would be suicide.”

One East Harlem resident spoke of his 8-year-old son’s aspirations to become a police officer.

Another black resident said her relatives were police officers, and she has respect for them.

“I support the police. I don’t support police brutality, of course,” she said.

“But I support the police,” she added.

This woman understood there could be police reforms without abolishing them.

Democrats have rejected police reform efforts like the one introduced by Republican Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina.

Meanwhile, white leftists are busy lecturing black police officers about racism or just screaming in black officers’ faces.

According to Pew Research Center study, only one in six protesters are black, and 46 percent are white.

Moreover, 49 percent of black Americans “somewhat oppose” or “strongly oppose” defunding the police, while only 29 percent supported the measure, according to a YouGov/HuffPost poll.

Crime statistics show why respondents of all races strongly oppose defunding the police.

Roland Fryer, as Harvard social scientist, documented cities that reduce police activity see increased crime.

New York City is a prime example of crime surging since the police department disbanded its plainclothes anti-crime unit.

But despite all the evidence, Democrat-run cities like Minneapolis are falling over themselves to defund the police.

Despite the Marxist-inspired movement championed by the leftist’s media, black people are stung to see it for what it is.

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