Blind Woman’s Husband Dedicates Life To Planting Flowers So She Can Smell Them

Blind Woman’s Husband Dedicates Life To Planting Flowers So She Can Smell Them

Man plants beautiful garden for his wife after she loses sight

A dedicated husband has dedicated his time to planting thousands of flowers outside of his home, so his blind wife has the pleasure of smelling them every day.

The couple from Japan, who have been married since 1956, are now nearing the end of their working lives as they enter their twilight years.

Soulmates, Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki, also plan to travel the country after they retired.

But due to an unfortunate set of events, Mrs. Kuroki faced complications with diabetes and lost her vision as a result. 

It was both sudden and shocking, changing the pair’s lives forever.

As time passed, his wife ventured outside less and less, becoming more isolated, making her fall into a deep depression.

The vicious cycle she needed to get out of, and her husband wasn’t going to take it lying down.

His inspiration came from an unlikely place – outside in the garden.

But Mr. Kuroki was determined to make his wife smile again.

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In an effort to compensate for his wife’s’ loss of vision, he thought he would help invigorate her other sense, her smell, by planting thousands of flowers outside of their home.

Judging by the photo, he may have succeeded.

Since Mr. Kuroki first planted the seeds over a decade ago, the flowers have bloomed spectacularly.

The garden gained so much attention, people now come from all across the globe to see the pairs beautiful garden.

The garden has become so popular; the couple receives more than 7,000 visitors per day.

Although Mrs. Kuroki is not able to see the flowers, she can smell the lovely smells in the morning and imagine what the garden looks like.

Having gone completely blind, Mrs. Kukori deserved something special, and her husband did just that.

She got a beautiful garden, and her husband got her smile back.

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