Bryan Cranston: ‘Cancel Culture’ Is Breeding ‘Less Forgiveness in Our World’

Bryan Cranston: ‘Cancel Culture’ Is Breeding ‘Less Forgiveness in Our World’

Breaking Bad star slams push by radical-left to declare everything ‘offensive’

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston has slammed radical-left censorship, arguing that “cancel culture” is breeding “less forgiveness in our world.”

The 64-year-old actor addressed the notion in a recently reemerged video interview that was originally posted by The Associated Press on Twitter.

The practice, of publicly admonishing and potentially ending the careers of public figures when they make remarks or take actions deemed inappropriate or insensitive, has become a popular weapon of the left in recent years.

“We live in this cancel culture of people erring and doing wrong — either on purpose or by accident — and there’s less forgiveness in our world,” Cranston said.

“I think we’re unfortunately in a courser environment,” he explained.

“I think our societies have become harder and less understanding, less tolerant, less forgiving.”

Cranston said that as he’s been asking himself “where does forgiveness live in our society?”

The actor said that he feels that forgiveness can be given to those who are “contrite” and “apologetic.”

He explained that cancel culture is creating a division in which people are marked “out” or “in” depending on their behavior, making note that even “one mistake” can render someone “gone.”


Seeing public figures “ostracized for the rest of their lives” has prompted an idea, Cranston said:

“I think we need to take a second look at that and exhale and realize that asking forgiveness and receiving forgiveness are not weaknesses, but are human strengths,” he explained.

The Emmy winner isn’t the only star to have questioned the value of cancel culture, as singer Williow Smith spoke out about the subject on an episode of “Red Table Talk.”

“I’m seeing people shaming others, like saying really terrible things, shaming people for what they’re choosing to say or shaming people for not really saying anything at all,” said the 20-year-old star.

“But I feel like if we really want change, shaming doesn’t lead to learning.”

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