Chinese Communist Labor Camp Survivor Warns the West About the Threat of Socialism

Chinese Communist Labor Camp Survivor Warns the West About the Threat of Socialism

Jennifer Zeng explains her experience of ‘socialist hell’

A survivor of a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) labor camp has fled her native China and is now warning people in the West about the threat of welcoming socialism.

Those of us fortunate enough to live in the Western world enjoy a democratic society, celebrate breathing the air of free speech, freedom of religion, self-government, and the rule of law.

Far too often, socialism is held up as an ideal, even in America, where radicals attempt to sell a “socialist utopia” to the unsuspected masses.

Jennifer Zeng is a courageous survivor of a Chinese labor camp. 

And now, she’s revealing the truth about socialism based on her own devasting first-hand experience.

Under the regime’s One-Child Policy, a policy Joe Biden says he “understands,” the Chinese Communist Party forcibly aborted Jennifer’s second child.

CCP operatives burst into her home in the middle of the night and detained her, according to LifeSiteNews.

When she asked why, the police officer answered, “Because of your thought.”

Jennifer, a survivor of “socialism with Chinese characteristics” – communism – tells the story of being detained and tortured brutally in a labor camp because of her religious beliefs.

On her first day, she and others were forced to squat with their hands behind their heads, looking at their feet, for 15 hours, in the baking sun.

Anyone who fainted was shocked awake with electric batons.


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Jennifer says that “Every day was a struggle between life and death.”

She says that the slave labor in the camp was used to make products sold all over the world, including in the United States.

She says that she and others were forced to submit to blood tests, the results of which would go into a database for forced organ donation, in which innocent people were killed to harvest their organs for transplant.

Anyone who thinks socialism is a good idea should watch this video.

It is just four minutes long.

Socialism makes promises that sound noble, but in reality, it delivers crushing pain.

Man-made famines, thought police, inescapable surveillance, forced abortion and sterilization, forced organ harvesting, and so many more crimes against humanity have brutalized the Chinese people for more than 70 years.

Those of us who live in the free world must commit ourselves to never let this evil form of government take hold of our land.

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