Cops Completely Transform Homeless Man After He Asks For Hot Shower

Cops Completely Transform Homeless Man After He Asks For Hot Shower

New York police officers give heartwarming gesture to homeless man

Compassion can come in all shapes and sizes and from all types of people in unexpected ways, as this story of how police officers at the Rome Police Department lent a helping hand to a homeless man.

Police officer Aaron Page was doing his daily duties of patrolling the streets of downtown Rome, New York, when stumbled upon a homeless man named Bobby.

But to the police officers’ surprise, Bobby wasn’t asking for food or money, all he wanted was a hot shower and a haircut.

“It was obvious he needed some simple things clothing-wise,” Officer Jeff Buckley told WSTM.

“He literally had just the clothes he was wearing.”

Luckily for Bobby, he was in the right place at the right time.

Officer Page set about honoring Bobby’s request and invited him to the Rome Police Department for a hot shower the following morning.

Bobby showed up at the Rome Police Department the next morning.

Page also arrived with a pair of clippers to give Bobby a haircut.

Bobby was then given a hot shower, then Page’s fellow colleagues also helped with transforming Bobby.

The homeless man was given a fresh shave and a haircut.

He was then given a new pair of red sneakers and a wardrobe of clean donated clothes.

Bobby got his wish; he not only got a hot shower and a haircut but a complete makeover.

“We are always trying to come up with new ideas of how to help and give back to our community,” said Buckley.

“Officer Page spear-headed the idea on this one, and it was a great way to help someone who simply needed a hand.”

The City of Rome Police Department shared on their Facebook page:

“Bobby left, looking like a whole new person and couldn’t thank us enough.”

The post spread like wildfire on social media with over 32,000 reactions, 16,000 shares, and over 3,900 comments.

The comments were full of praise for the compassionate police officers.

One user wrote:

“All the way from Va. My heart is smiling over this. Great work. We need more people willing to build each other up instead of tearing them down.”

“May God bless these officers for showing His love and compassion for this dear man…,” another commented.

The police served a homeless man who was down on his luck.

This story showed police not only strive to keep the community safe but also inspire decency among the people with heartwarming gestures such as this.

The officers kind act will hopefully inspire generosity within the community.

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