Couple Throws MAGA-Themed Wedding, Complete with Guns and Patriotic Decor

Couple Throws MAGA-Themed Wedding, Complete with Guns and Patriotic Decor

Couple tied the knot on the Fourth of July last month

A patriotic Republican couple threw a MAGA-themed wedding complete with guns and an anti-abortion heartbeat bill that their guests could sign.

Tying the knot on the Fourth of July last month, Audra Lemons and Jeff Johnson displayed their political beliefs with support of President Donald Trump.

The bride wore a MAGA-printed dress at the reception, while the groom, a marine veteran, sported a full dress uniform for the occasion. 

“It looked like America threw up all over my wedding, and I’m not sorry,” Audra told Fox 17 about the event.

The wedding was aptly decked out in colors of the American flag, red, white and blue, with he groomsmen even wearing ‘don’t tread on me’ cuff-links.

As Audra walked down the aisle, she was met by her future husband who wore his full dress blues for the occasion.

At the wedding reception, she then changed into a different dress.

The amazing dress, which was created from MAGA flag and featured Trump’s famous slogan ‘Make America Great Again,’ was designed by Andre Soriano.

Andre is known for designing bespoke Trump gowns’ for people, including designing dresses for MAGA supporter and singer Joy Villa.

His designs from MAGA flags were ideal for the couple’s patriotic theme.

The bride can be seen proudly carrying a gun while modeling her MAGA-themed wedding dress in one picture.

Bridesmaids wore floor-length blue dresses, while groomsmen wore gray tuxes with red vests underneath.

Despite the Republican and MAGA theme, Audra made a point that all were welcome at the wedding.

The maid of honor was a Democrat and did not support Trump.

She did approach the bride about not wearing a MAGA hat for the wedding pictures.

‘We were gonna do our photos with the Trump hats, and she said, “You know I love you, but I can’t wear the Trump hat,”‘ Audra explained.

‘I said, “It’s OK. It’s OK. Just wear a red hat. We still love you. We can have completely different opinions about everything and still love each other.”‘

Audra’s father-in-law, most probably a Democrat, refused to attend.

‘He sent us a text message,’ Audra said.

‘It said, “As long as you support that racist in the White House, I won’t be attending your wedding.” Which is sad but we did have a lot of people that loved us and showed up.’

Audra claimed said she would attend a President Barack Obama-themed wedding if invited.


Not all like the political theme, as many liberal imploded after seeing the pictures on social media.

‘Looks like she’s wearing…the cover for the tables,’ one person commented.

Another person said they were ‘literally dying’ that someone made MAGA their wedding theme.

‘This is an actual wedding. Like a real thing. That happened. This happened,’ the shocked commenter expressed.

But Audra was unwilling to let any commenters ruin her day, and she claimed her MAGA dress ‘cost more than [the commenters] entire years pay’ when clapping back at one woman.

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