Doctor Who Delivered 8,000 Babies SINGS Special Song for Every One – WATCH

Doctor Who Delivered 8,000 Babies SINGS Special Song for Every One – WATCH

Stunning video shows how doctor sings for newborns

Delivering babies can be a stressful experience, but for women who delivered under Dr. Carey Andrew, the experience is a little bit less daunting.

Andrew-Jaja, an OB/GYN has spent the last four decades delivering newborns at UPMC Magee-Women’s Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

But he has been doing something very unique for each delivery, singing a special song for each baby.

Now retired, Andrew-Jaja was known as the “singing doctor,” who sang either “What a Wonderful World” or “Happy Birthday” to each of the 8,000 babies he brought into the world.

His inspiration, he says, came to from a doctor whom he met while he was doing his residency who did the same thing.

When the doctor retired, he encouraged Andrew-Jaja to carry on his unique approach to delivering babies.

“There was a gentleman, an older obstetrician-gynecologist on staff and he loved to sing. And later on, when he was about to retire, he asked me, ‘Andy, do you sing to your babies?’ And I said, ‘Well, no. It’s your stuff,’” Dr. Andrew-Jaja recalled.

“And he said, ‘Go ahead, do it.’ So, I took it over. He passed on the baton to me,” he continued.

“And I took it over, and I started to sing to my babies ever since then, and I do it every time.”

Not giving it a second thought, he became one of Pittsburgh’s most trusted and beloved OB/GYNs and delivery doctors, thanks to the unique extra care he gives.

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“Childbirth is very stressful for the patient and their family,” Andrew-Jaja told Good Morning America.“Therefore, we as caregivers must strive to provide excellent care in an excellent setting with a smile on our face and a song in our heart.”

Though he stopped topped delivering babies two years ago, Andrew-Jaja continued to see patients as an obstetrician.

He kept up his customary songs until he visited his very last patient in the recovery wing after the deliveries.

Andrew-Jaja insisted that every baby is just as important as the first one he started singing to.

In the video, Andrew-Jaja explains how every baby has the same incredible potential and deserves the joy of the songs.

“Each of them is an individual. You know, I’ve delivered thousands and thousands of babies,” he said in the UPMC video.

“When I’m singing to those babies, I think I’m singing to a future important person. That’s the credit I give to all of them.”

The doctor has left such an impact on the city of Pittsburgh that he’s even getting his own day.

Thanks to Councilman Corey O’Connor, May 16 is now declared “Dr. Carey Andrew-Jaja Day”- cementing his legacy of the city’s incredible doctor will carry on even now he’s retired.

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