Dog Who Lost Leg After Being Shot Finds New Home with Man with Missing Arm

Dog Who Lost Leg After Being Shot Finds New Home with Man with Missing Arm

Jessica eventually found her way into a foster home after being shot

Pets that have lost limbs, unfortunately, find it difficult to find homes, even with the help of animal shelters.

Owners want pets who are healthy and easy to take care of.

Sadly, abused and poorly trained animals have less chance of finding a forever home.

But this story you’re about to read reminds us, sometimes “damaged” animals can make for a perfect match.

When Whiskey, the pit bull, who was known as Jessica at the time, was taken in by Dallas-based animal-rescue organization Bull-Luv-Able Paws & Chi Wawas Rescue.

The animal had been part of a dog-fighting ring and had suffered at the hand pf vicious fighting with other animals as part of her training.

But her owners eventually decided she’d outlived her usefulness, and shot her, and left her for dead.

But Jessica didn’t die and was left to suffer from the firearm blast in her leg.

“In order to remove the bullets, the surgeon had to remove her leg all the way to the top of her shoulder bone,” Missy Redding, co-founder of Bull Luv Able Paws Rescue, explained to Digital Burndown.

Jessica eventually found her way into a foster home were Kristen Flora spent five months re-socializing the pup as she recovered from her injuries.

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“Watching her overcome so many obstacles was a joy,” Flora stated.

“It’s inspirational to watch a dog with three limbs and a history of sadness love and just be without question or sadness or any of the things we experience as humans.”

But the future looked bleak.

Few people want an animal that has her kind of background.

Redding explained:

“The chances of a tri-pawed, bait-dog pit bull being adopted was about one out of 100,000. We were not confident of her ever being adopted.”

But Jessica, who would be renamed Whiskey, did find a home, with a man named Jeff Meyer adopted her.

Meyer could empathize with the dog; he had been born without part of his left arm.

He said:

“As a child, and sometimes even as an adult, I was — am — looked at differently by people. Often they will ignore me out of fear of the unknown.”

“I know from experience how others will view her and knew that she needed her shot at happiness. Lucky for me, it’s just that.”

“She has brought a ton of happiness into our home.”

And I’m sure you have brought her much joy as well, Jeff.

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