Facebook Strips Trump of ‘President of the United States’ Tag on Official Page

Facebook Strips Trump of ‘President of the United States’ Tag on Official Page

Trump removed of POTUS tag ahead of the midterms

Social media giant Facebook has removed the “President of the United States” tag from Donald Trump’s official Facebook page ahead of the midterms.

The page has 23 million followers, but no longer recognizes Trump as the “President of the United States.”

Donald Trump has weighed in heavily into the clear censorship campaign by social media and internet giants to silence conservative voices.

On Saturday, the president spoke out against platforms such as Facebook and Twitter who are shutting down the accounts of “Republican/Conservative voices” while “doing nothing to others.”

Over recent months, a number of prominent accounts have been shut down, with the situation coming to a head last week when Alex Jones and Infowars were the subjects of a coordinated attack by pretty much every company on the Internet that they use.

In June, Neon Nettle’s Facebook page with almost 600,000 followers removed by Mark Zuckerberg’s “social” network without explanation, and last week, our entire domain was shadowbanned from their platform.

The Social Media giant Facebook bragged it could ‘sway any public opinion’ in a case study published on its own website.

The social network states in the study that its ‘ad saturation’ could be used as a tool to change public opinion in ‘any political campaign.

‘In the case study, it also highlighted how a media firm named Chong + Koster successfully swayed public opinion against a 2010 Florida ballot measure that would have increased public school class sizes.

Facebook also noted how Chong + Koster’s “Vote NO on 8” campaign cleverly” administered its intrinsic capabilities to target Floridians by age groups – 18 – 29; 30 – 44; 45 – 54; 55 – 63; 64 and over – eventually scoring a victory on Election Day.

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