Flashback: 234 Dems Agreed Male Athletes Could Compete in Women’s Sports

Flashback: 234 Dems Agreed Male Athletes Could Compete in Women’s Sports

The bill aimed to alter the Civil Rights Act of 1964

In April this year, House Democrats assured everyone they were devoted to women’s rights, stating in the first sentence of the Democratic Party’s manifesto“We are committed to ensuring full equality for women..”

But the existence of full equality means the introduction of the H.R.5; the Equality Act bill.

The bill aimed to alter the Civil Rights Act of 1964, adding protections for sexual orientation and gender identity.

If made into law, it would allow transgender females, to compete in female athletic teams.

233 House Democrats co-sponsored the bill.

The one who didn’t was Rep. Dan Lipinski.

Lipinski defended his actions in a statement to Roll Call:

He said the bill could have “damaging and unforeseen consequences for Americans’ religious freedom.”

But two Republicans also co-sponsored the bill:

  • Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick
  • Rep. John Katko

The wording of the bill promises ‘equality,’ but would do nothing but shred the confidence of any budding female athlete in sports.

Many argue that Transgenders crossing over into Women’s sports, creating unfair “competition.”

In May, a born-male transgender weightlifter, who “identifies” as a woman, smashed four women’s world records in a single day, igniting a backlash from female Olympic champions.

The biological male trans powerlifter Mary Gregory announced on Instagram they had set four women’s world records in one day at a Raw Powerlifting Federation event while competing as a transgender female.

As a result, female athletes are starting to speak out.

Record-holding marathon runner, Paula Radcliffe, said transgender athletes have “certain advantages that women will not ever get.”

She then faced a massive backlash from liberals but doubled down saying female competition in top-level sports “has to be protected so that females can genuinely reach the top of it.”

Silver medalist Sharron Davies found herself in hot water after daring to express her views.

“I have nothing against anyone who wishes 2be transgender,” the Olympian said in a tweet.

“However I believe there is a fundamental difference between the binary sex u r born with & the gender u may identify as. To protect women’s sport, those with a male sex advantage should not be able to compete in women’s sport.”

Nature and science say there is a clear l difference between men and women biologically.

The fact that men have denser bones, more muscle mass, and are faster, should uphold the argument in itself.

It’s not to say men can beat any woman in sports, but men and women’s competitions have always been segregated for a reason.

Equality is fine, but when it disrupts fairness, it isn’t.

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