FLASHBACK: Julian Assange Warned Big Tech Censorship Would Keep Corrupt Politicians in Power

FLASHBACK: Julian Assange Warned Big Tech Censorship Would Keep Corrupt Politicians in Power

WikiLeaks founder predicted how Facebook, Google & Twitter would help rig elections

Back in early 2018, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange warned the public that Big Tech censorship would be used to keep corrupt politicians in power.

As Neon Nettle reported at the time, Assange made the prediction during a statement at the “Organising Resistance to Internet Censorship” webinar in January 2018.

Assange issued a warning about how “digital super states” like Facebook, Twitter, and Google have been “working to re-establish discourse control.”

The activist went on to describe how artificial intelligence censorship will give the monopoly on the flow of information to the public.

By controlling the information flow online, public perception of political candidates can be manipulated to rig elections on their behalf, he warned.

Assange went on to describe how the elite’s manipulative attempts to regain control of discourse in the information age has been “operating at a scale, speed, and increasingly at a subtlety, that appears likely to eclipse human counter-measures.”

Fast forward to today and Assange’s prediction appears eerily accurate.

In late November, a poll conducted by the Media Research Center, of voters who cast their ballot for Joe Biden in swing states, revealed just how effective Big Tech and the media’s censorship campaign during the 2020 election was.

The survey shows that the cover-up of significant stories about the candidates, including Tara Reade’s sexual assault charges against Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden’s shady business deals in China and Ukraine, played a major role in swaying the election results.

The negative stories about Hunter Biden were also blocked from appearing on social media platforms Facebook and Twitter in the run up to the election.

An adequate reason has never been given for blocking the stories featuring allegations against the younger Biden, which were later legitimized when it was revealed Hunter was the target of a federal corruption investigation.

The MRC reviewed 113 hours of news coverage from media outlets and found that only a combined 22 minutes were spent reporting on Hunter Biden.

In its poll, 45.1 percent of Joe Biden voters said they had not heard the story about Hunter Biden.

As for the sexual assault, 35.4 percent of those same voters said they never heard the story about Tara Reade.

Brent Bozell, founder and president of MRC, told conservatives and reporters on a zoom call that Big Tech and the media “deliberately” mislead the public — and voters — with “omission bias.”

“Media censorship succeeded in getting Joe Biden elected,” Bozell said.

Voters were polled in Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

Many Biden voters in the poll also didn’t know that under Trump 11 million jobs were created (39 percent) and that he succeeded in making the United States energy independent by deregulating the domestic energy sector (50.5 percent).

The poll revealed that if people knew the truth about Trump’s successes and Biden’s scandals, the election could have reached a very different conclusion.

Some 17 percent of Biden voters said they would not have voted for him had they been aware of at least one of these stories.

An informed public would have resulted in these states moving to the President Donald Trump column, potentially giving him — based on the math — 311 electoral votes and a second term.

Bozell said that the media and polls can no longer be counted on to actually report the news, a fact that he said is an “assault on Democracy.”

Bozell also said that the MRC found that Trump, the Trump campaign, and the Trump family were suspended on social media 262 times while Biden, his campaign, and his family were not suspended once during this election cycle.

To claim that these powerful new media corporations are just private companies, practicing their freedom to determine what happens on their property, is to bury your head in the sand.

The extent to which these digital super-states are already inextricably interwoven with existing power structures is already apparent.

The more powerful Big Tech becomes, the more adept these methods will become at manipulating us.

Each and every one of us has a duty to start paying very close attention to this.

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