FlASHBACK: Nancy Pelosi Once Praised Unionists Storming Wisconsin State Capitol

FlASHBACK: Nancy Pelosi Once Praised Unionists Storming Wisconsin State Capitol

House Speakers comments come back to haunt her

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi once described the storming of the Capitol as an “impressive show of democracy in action” despite her saying the complete opposite of the January 6th so-called “insurrection.”

Pelosi was referring to the invasion of the Madison, Wis., state capitol in 2011.

The House speaker’s comments were unearthed earlier this year following the riot at the U.S. Capitol after the certification of the U.S. presidential election.

As Neon Nettle reported:

Since the beginning of the year, Democrats have tried to push the narrative that those who supported President Donald Trump are domestic terrorists, using the Jan. 6 incursion of the Capitol building as an ‘example.’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pushed this narrative further after she told reporters she would establish a committee to investigate the incursion.

But ten years earlier, unionists stormed the Wisconsin State Capitol in an attempt to block a vote on collective bargaining reform.

Thousands of demonstrators managed to enter the building by violently breaking down doors and shattering windows — but the attack garnered much praise from Pelosi and other prominent Democrats at the time.

Pelosi praised the occupiers for their “impressive show of democracy in action.”

She also took to Twitter to express her “solidarity” with the activists who sent senators into hiding until police managed to remove them from the building.

And look how Pelosi’s tone changed ten years later.


Pelosi claimed Trump’s speech “incited” the riot, which could imply that people were motivated by similar concerns about the election rather than white supremacy or any other of Pelosi’s lies.

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