FLASHBACK: Pelosi Said Sexual Assault Allegations Against Biden Were a ‘Closed Issue’

FLASHBACK: Pelosi Said Sexual Assault Allegations Against Biden Were a ‘Closed Issue’

‘I’m not going to answer this question again’

In May this year, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi dismissed sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden, saying she would no longer respond to questions.

After Biden had denied the allegations, Pelosi said she believed the former vice president.

During an MSNBC interview earlier this year, the House Democrat was asked if the claims were a “closed issue.”

“Well, it is for me,” Pelosi responded.

“I have said I am proud to support Joe Biden for president,” she said at the time.

‘I believe him when he says it didn’t happen,” she affirmed.

“But I also believe him when he says let them look into the records, and that’s what they should do,” she added.

“But I’m not going to answer this question again,” Pelosi said.

Pelosi added Biden would be a “great president” because he cares about health care and job security.

“He brings those values and his personal experience to a vision for America that is about fairness and not trickle-down economics, but bubble-up from that kitchen table, from working families in our country,” Pelosi said.

In March, former staff assistant, Tara Reade, spoke out to accuse Biden of sexually assaulting her.

Reade alleged that she was attacked and sexually violated by the then Senator when she worked for him in 1993.

Reade made the allegation against Biden during an interview with journalist and podcaster Katie Harper, who released an audio clip of the conversation earlier this year.

Biden responded tot he accusation saying at the time:

“It is not true. I’m saying it unequivocally — it never happened,” Biden said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

‘It didn’t. It never happened.”

“This is an open book. There’s nothing for me to hide. Nothing at all,” he added.

Biden argued he was never aware of a complaint, suggesting the secretary of the Senate searches its records for a mention of it.

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