France: Torn Apart by Globalism, Decades of Socialism and Open Borders

France: Torn Apart by Globalism, Decades of Socialism and Open Borders

Everyday citizens are rising up against the country’s globalist policies

As French President Emanuel Macron continues to push his liberal policies on his people, France is being torn apart by globalism following decades of socialism and open borders.

The Macron Administration’s recent introduction of the “Climate Tax” has been the straw that broke the camels back, triggering a revolution in the form of “Yellow Vest” protesters.

The French Government introduced the new tax on fossil fuels to bring the country in line with the Paris Climate Accord, which President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from last year.

The new taxes, however, hit everyday working citizens the hardest, who already struggle with the high cost of living and can’t afford expensive electric cars.

During the recent celebrations for the centurion anniversary of the ending to World War I, as world leaders gathered in France, French President Emmanuel Macron lashed out at President Trump, warning about the dangers of so-called “nationalism.”

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The arrogance of a Western world leader using such a unifying event to attack the elected leader of one of his nation’s closest allies aside, Macron would’ve done well to keep his own house in order before lending advice.

According to Town Hall, just weeks later, Paris was ablaze with violent mobs attacking police and vandalizing some of France’s most precious historical sites.

The world-famous Arc de Triomphe was laced with graffiti by a generation poisoned and brainwashed with socialist ideology, never satisfied with what their government could give them. 

France spent decades pushing the same anti-nationalist ideology on its citizens, glorifying the European Union and heavily taxing the wealthy to give to the poor.

Combine this with France’s decades of open borders, reluctance to celebrate their own rich culture, Western values, and contributions to the world, and you get an angry, self-loathing and even violent citizenry.

Suddenly there’s no more wealth to tax, no more jobs to hand out and no more national identity. 

Socialism has never worked in any part of the world in the entire history of civilization.

Its consistent destruction of wealth, freedom and democracy has proven to be a recipe for national suicide.

Combined with the open border policies that France embraced, you won’t just get poverty and civil unrest, but terrorism as well. 

When I was a little girl, Beirut was dubbed “Paris of the Middle East.”

Today, Paris is the Middle East of Europe and the “city of love,” has turned into the “city of chaos.”

Decades of unfettered immigration from the Middle East and North Africa has birthed sharia-ridden “no-go zones” and horrific terrorist attacks from the Charlie Hebdo massacre to the Paris bombings of 2015. 

This type of radical transformation France has undergone is precisely what President Trump has been so desperately fighting against since his inauguration, with limited to no help from his own party.

As we march closer and closer toward a Democrat-controlled House of Representatives, time is running out on our nation’s ability to reverse course and protect itself from becoming like France—a nation with no unity, no identity and no safety.

We need not look all the way across the Atlantic to see what the future holds for our nation if it refuses to seal its southern border, grants amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants and continues to elect anti-American socialists to political positions of power.

Just take a look at what unvetted immigration and socialism have done to the liberal haven of California over the past few decades.

Sanctuary cities such as San Francisco that provide a safe haven for illegals, such as Kate Steinle’s killer, have become places of squalor, ridden with homelessness and filth.

In fact, San Francisco’s streets are so filthy that an infectious disease expert recently placed it amongst some of the dirtiest cities in the entire world!

Recently, an investigative unit surveyed 153 blocks of San Francisco, in which it found countless mounds of trash and food lining the streets, at least 100 discarded needles, and wait for it, more than 300 piles of human feces.

This is San Francisco we’re talking about, not Mumbai. 

By the way, it’s worth pointing out that one of San Francisco’s congressional representatives happens to be none other than soon-to-be Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who is vehemently opposed to a wall.

Good to know Ms. Pelosi has her priorities in order.

Taxes are through the roof in the “Golden State,” prompting many businesses to move to more free-market friendly locations such as Texas or Florida.

As wealth continues to leave the state, the taxes will inevitably climb even higher, as lawmakers attempt to keep their constituents as well as illegals happy.

Sooner or later, there won’t be enough wealth to tax, and the state will be bankrupt.

The result of this will likely be violence, vandalism, and chaos on a scale even larger than what we’re witnessing in Paris.

The solution to all of this? America first.

Wait, you mean, “nationalism?”

Let the leftist fools like Macron, who currently enjoys an approval rating of less than 20 percent in his own nation, call it whatever they want.

It’s time to do what’s best for America and its people.

It’s time to build a wall to protect not only our citizens but our identity, and it’s time to call socialism what it is—an evil and destructive, anti-American ideology that has led to nothing but poverty and disaster wherever it raises its a head.

America is and should always remain a capitalist nation that defends its borders and celebrates its national identity and Judeo-Christian values.

As proven by France’s continued fall from grace, failure to do so will result in cultural, economic and political destruction.

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