Gay Men #WALKAWAY from Democratic Party Over ‘Repulsive Hatred and Bigotry’

Gay Men #WALKAWAY from Democratic Party Over ‘Repulsive Hatred and Bigotry’

Record numbers of gay men drop the Democrats over culture of intolerance

Gay men are now turning away from the once-accepting Democratic Party in their droves, citing a culture of “repulsive hatred, intolerance, and bigotry.”

Previous celebrated as “liberal” by the Dems, gay men are now targetted by the deranged Leftists who attack anyone for simply being white or male.

As gay men are now beginning to wake up to the agenda of hate, a whole new movement has spawned and is gathering momentum, quickly.

#WALKAWAY has gone viral across social media as gay men (and women) denounce the hateful, bigoted tactics of the Democrats.

Thr movement was started by Brandon Straka, the gay man featured in the hugely popular viral video.


Natural News reports: Straka talks about why he’s rejecting, “a system which allows an ambitious, uninformed and dogmatic mob to suppress free speech, create false narratives, and apathetically steamroll over the truth.”

“Straka and the scores of former Democrats who are flocking to line up behind his ‘cause’ are sick of the rage, sick of the violence, sick of their party’s creeping authoritarianism, and most of all sick to death about what’s happening to our country, thanks to perpetual Left-wing hate and violence,” reports Natural News.

“The Democratic Party has been hijacked by the anarchic Alt-Left, and in a pathetic bid to remain relevant within the party many of its elected leaders are hopping on the hate train.”

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For the record, gay men and women are welcomed in the pro-Trump movement, where we believe in individual liberty and the right to express yourself in whatever way you wish.

We stand for freedom of speech, freedom of thought and civility across society.

The Left, in contrast, stands for censorship, oppression, intimidation, violence, intolerance, and hatred against white people based solely on the color of their skin.

The Left also hates men because they were born as biological men.

Ponder that for a moment if you want to truly understand the hate-filled lunacy of the Left and why the Democrat party is utterly collapsing by the day.

It’s truly time for all reasonable people to #walkaway from the deranged Democrat party that now seeks open borders and the complete illegal immigration occupation and overthrow of America.

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