Gender Neutral Family Calls For an End to ‘Offensive’ Traditional Families

Gender Neutral Family Calls For an End to ‘Offensive’ Traditional Families

Gender fluid family claims assigning genders to children is ‘child abuse’

A family is demanding an end to the traditional family unit, branding those who assign genders to themselves and their children as “offensive.”

British couple Nikki and Louise Draven are one the first families in the United Kingdom to raise their kid, who they have called Star Cloud, in what they are calling a “entirely gender neutral environment.”

Gender neutral family unit

Louise (Star’s Mom) was born as a male and is presently in the process of transitioning to a woman utilizing hormonal agents.

Nikki (Star’s Dad) identifies as both male or female and alters his gender expression on a day-to-day basis.

They refer to this regular transitioning from one gender to another as “gender fluidity.”

The parents claim that all parents should encourage their children to switch gender, and by not doing so, should be considered “child abuse.”

Both gender fluid parents have concurred to raise Star in an environment complimentary from any traditional gender functions or expressions.

They enable Star to choose whatever sort of clothing and toys he wants or use any colors he likes by encouraging him to play with Barbie dolls and wear pink dresses in the hope that it will make his transition between genders more “natural.”

Nikki and Louise initially satisfied at an LGBT meet-up in 2011 where they discovered that they both had comparable views concerning household and gender.

Now, they both state that they wish to supply Star with as much liberty of choice as possible – just like what they state they experienced maturing.

They describe that they would like Star to be able to choose his own gender when he is older.

Although Louise and Nikki describe that they want to raise Star in a normal home, as much as possible, neither of neither of them put much stock into gender functions specified by society.

They state that Star resembles any normal kid, who loves playing with toy cars and trucks, however, he is likewise encouraged to have fun with dolls and barbies.

Not fitting in

This has actually resulted in some challenges, as other kids at Star’s nursery often tell him that he can not have fun with the dolls because they are just for girls, and this has resulted in some bullying.

Louise and Nikki are always careful to explain that Star is totally free to play with whatever he wants.

Although they confess that Star doesn’t have any friends as a result of their lifestyle, they claim he is learning a “powerful life lesson” and he will one day be an “inspiration in the LGBT community.”

Star will be participating in school quickly, which will need him to wear a young boy’s uniform.

However, he will be allowed to use a vest and socks that are pink – his “preferred” color.

This is not the very first time a family has actually attempted to raise their children with no gender functions or gendered expectations, although this is one of the very first times this has been carried out in the UK.

This video contains details about another household that has actually aimed to do the very same thing:

[embedded content]

Child abuse

Among the primary issues that often are raised in such situations is that the kids in these families often face far more bullying than their peers, either due to the fact that of their parents’ expression or because the children themselves might reveal themselves in a different way.

Obviously, a lot of kids do end up being comfortable with the gender they are designated at birth.

Some individuals also question whether parents in these scenarios might be pushing their kids in a particular direction, rather than genuinely just enabling them to develop as they usually would.

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