Grieving Dog Waits in Spot Where His Owner Died in Car Crash for 18 Months

Grieving Dog Waits in Spot Where His Owner Died in Car Crash for 18 Months

Locals residents, whose hearts were melted by the dog’s loyalty, even built a kennel for him

Stories surrounding dogs’ loyalty to humans are abundant across social media, but this particular story, reported last month, revealed how one dog’s devotion to its owner transcended death.

In Greece, a grieving dog waited 18 months at the spot where his master was killed in a car crash.

The dog would not move from the spot, even nearby residents offered him food and even tried to adopt him, but he still refused to leave the area where his owner was killed.

When the weather became hot, the dog took shelter in nearby bushes.

Locals named the dog a “Greek Hachiko,” in reference to the story of a dog from Japan that waited a full ten years for his dead master to return.

Locals residents whose hearts were melted by the dog’s loyalty even built a kennel for him.

The dog’s owner, a 40-year-old man, named Haris, was hit by a cement truck and died in 2017.

The dog’s name is still not yet known.

What is even more remarkable is that the dog’s owners house is almost 7.5 miles away, according to Nafpaktia News.

None of the residents know how the dog located the crash site.

A shrine was put in place in memory of the dog owner.

The story of Hachiko

This story is about a dog in Tokyo that waited at a train station for ten years, back in 1925.

Dogs loyalty surprises even today and transcends all cultures.

And the older tale is that of Greyfriars Bobby in Edinburgh.

Once owned by a police watchman in the 19th century, Bobby was a sky terrier who tended the grave of his dead master for 14 years before dying himself.

His owner, John, died in 1858 and was buried in Grey Friars. Bobby went to the graveyard, where he stayed even in harsh weather conditions without leaving his master’s side.

Bobby became famous, and people would come to visit him. Bobby died in 1872.

One year later, a statue of Bobby was erected to commemorate his legacy.

Another story about a faithful dog named Capitan

Capitan was a German shepherd in Argentina that remained at his master’s grave for 12 years, even sleeping on his master’s grave every night. In 2006, his master, Miguel Guzman, died.

Capitan stayed by his side until 2018, when the faithful dog died.

He was old and weak but resisted leaving the graveyard, according to the sources.

Dogs have strong emotions, and they are truly faithful to their masters. These stories show their earnest loyalty to their owners.

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