Homeless Man Hands Out Resumes Instead of Asking for Cash: Gets 100s of Offers

Homeless Man Hands Out Resumes Instead of Asking for Cash: Gets 100s of Offers

Man stands of street corner looking for work and receives hundreds of job offers

One homeless man decided to stand on a street corner handing out resumes instead of asking for handouts.

Now, 26-year-old David Casarez is swamped with opportunity after receiving hundreds of job offers.

After standing on intersections with a makeshift sign, Casarez’s perseverance and ingenuity paid off when his job hunting campaign went viral on social media.

Mr. Casarez moved to California from Texas in order to launch his own start-up but due to the high costs involved, the young entrepreneur ran out of money, leaving him with nowhere to live.

Although he was sleeping on a park bench with nowhere to go, he did not get discouraged, according to IJR.

Casarez decided to stand on a street corner holding a sign that read “HOMELESS. HUNGRY 4 SUCCESS. TAKE A RESUME.”

“I wanted to keep my head up high, keep looking forward and see what opportunity would come next,” Casarez said.

“I was thinking, you know, like this was like my last stop. If this didn’t work, I’d go back home and give up on my dream.”

One passerby, Jasmine Scofield, took notice and posted a picture on Twitter:

The post quickly went viral, and Casarez started receiving multiple job offers.

“I knew it would be posted on social media, I didn’t know it would blow up like this,” Casarez said.

“I’m trying not to take any money, I really do just want a job opportunity, that’s all I’m asking.”

Several tech companies in Silicon Valley have contacted him with job offers, including huge companies like Google and Pandora. 

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