Liberals Complain Charcoal Face Masks are ‘Blackface’ and ‘Racist’ – Call for Ban

Liberals Complain Charcoal Face Masks are ‘Blackface’ and ‘Racist’ – Call for Ban

Users of black-colored facial skin cleansers accused of ‘promoting’ racism

Liberals are taking to social media to express their outrage at black charcoal face masks because when applied to the skin, they resemble “blackface” and are, therefore, “racist.”

The facial skin cleansing masks contain highly absorbent activated carbon, also called activated charcoal, that has a deep cleaning effect on pores.

Activated carbon has a deep black coloring and, as a result, the facemasks that contain a high quantity of this compound are also black.

Due to the growing trend of hypersensitivity towards things that slightly resemble racist symbolism, people who use charcoal facemasks are now accused of “promoting” racism through “blackface in disguise.”

Some users on Twitter were slammed after the pampering products were “racist” because resembled “blacking up.”

Some argued it was offensive to use the masks but faced a backlash from others who feel they are taking it too far.

One user tweeted: “Racism is so insidious that you can promote blackface for years under the guise of ‘pore mask’ and it goes unchecked.”

While another one posted: “Charcoal masks look uncomfortably similar to black face.

“I feel weird and will be hiding in the bathroom for 8-10 minutes.”

On Twitter user claimed the masks were an excuse for white people to express their racism:

“White women love self care and doing casual black face with charcoal face masks.”

One user asked their followers for advice tweeting:

“Serious question from an ignorant state of mind: is applying charcoal face masks considered black face?”

One user blasted those who post photos of themselves on social media wearing the masks, saying:

“Every time I see someone on FB or IG post a picture of themself with a charcoal face mask on, I wonder why they would post that when at first glance it looks like blackface. Take care of your skin, fine. But your post still makes you look racist af.”

The face masks are used to unblock pores and are black because of the charcoal component rather than through an aesthetic design choice.

According to the Daily Mail, the outcry comes after Gucci last week issued a public apology following a backlash against its £688 “balaclava” jumper. 

It featured large, bright red lips and covered half the model’s face in black. 

Pop star Katy Perry was also embroiled in a blackface scandal after shoes from her self-designed collection were also accused of mimicking the stereotype.

But some Twitter users blasted the claims the charcoal face masks were racist. 

Susie Mcbride posted: “Because using a peel off charcoal face mask for skin care isn’t racist.

“People are taking this too far now.”

Nick Herman tweeted: “How is a charcoal face mask racist?”

Coby Ascott said on Twitter: “I confess I do occasionally do BlackFace when I apply a clay mask to my face.

“I apologise to the world for wanting clean pores.

“I will never do it again.

“I will now go and flog myself #MySecretSkinCare #StopPickingOnMe.”

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