Liberals Demand ‘Offensive’ Father Christmas Be Renamed ‘Person Christmas’

Liberals Demand ‘Offensive’ Father Christmas Be Renamed ‘Person Christmas’

Traditional Christmas figure set for ‘gender neutral’ rebrand

The very symbol of the traditional Christmas we all know and love may be up for a ‘gender neutral’ rebrand; yes, we are talking about Father Christmas.

Despite being at the epicenter of our much-beloved childhood memories, angry liberals have argued the word ‘father’ is not ‘gender inclusive’ and may cause offense to those who are ‘gender fluid.’

Over the past few years, the emergence of the term ‘gender fluid’ has become more prevalent in how society deems itself to be culturally understanding of people who don’t define themselves as either ‘man’ or ‘woman.’

Unfortunately, for western traditions like Christmas, the emergence of terms like ‘gender-fluidity’ have fallen neatly into ‘threatening’ category, and as a result, we could now see Father Christmas being renamed to ‘Person Christmas.’

To give you an idea of how big this ‘gender fluid’ issue has become, our recent report about as Texas father facing losing custody of his six-year-old son for disagreeing with his mother that the young boy is “transgender,” is cause for alarm.

Are we living in a society where we’re unable to refer to a Saint, synonymous with Western traditions and religions, as a figure of fear and offense?


Depressingly, a lot of people think this is a good idea.

Just recently, a New Zealand shopping center has unveiled a gender fluid Santa Claus as its Christmas display.

Although this may be interpreted as a joke with Santas sporting knickers and fishnet stockings, the fact that companies like John Lewis are getting rid of boys and girls labels puts it in a whole new worrying context.

So without further ado, we give you Twitter – a useful measuring tool for the consensus of the publics’ view on a ‘gender fluid’ Santa.

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So, apart from arguing about Donald Trump at the Christmas dinner table, many of the older generations may be asking why Father Christmas is being used as a battleground to push such an agenda.

Just so we are on the same page, we are talking about Father Christmas, a figure who developed from traditions surrounding the historical figure Saint Nicholas.

Changing the gender of Father Christmas isn’t that simple.

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The beard would need to go.

Hence the local caretaker who had been disguising himself for so many Christmas’s would duly be exposed.

Joking aside, we need to take a good honest look at what can of works we are opening here.

Last week we reported one of the most prominent figures in Christianity as declared that God should not be referred to using gender pronouns because “our father” was gender neutral, not male or female, according to the Archbishop of Canterbury

The senior bishop and principal leader of the Church of England, Most Rev Justin Welby has suggested masculine and feminine labels used to describe the Christian deity are false, and that despite the use of words such as “king” and “lord,” – Christians must stop referring to God solely “he.”

Other church leaders have backed the call for Christians to stop labeling God as a man.

Then there is the new bill in Australia that will abolish the use of gender identification on birth certificates in a bid to “protect transgender citizens” from having their birth gender “outed.”

Not to mention the classic seasonal song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” being banned by a Cleveland radio station following complaints that it allegedly promotes date rape.

In the so-called “progressive” 21st century, somewhere, will take offense, and Christmas looks like it may be one of the many casualties.

The question is, where will it end?

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