Mel Gibson Says His Faith Drives His Success: ‘There’s Something Bigger’ Than Us

Mel Gibson Says His Faith Drives His Success: ‘There’s Something Bigger’ Than Us

‘The sooner you realize… the easier’ life will be

Hollywood star Mel Gibson has revealed that his faith has been a driving force behind his own personal success because he’s realized that “there’s something bigger” than us.

The veteran actor and movie director says that “the sooner” a person comes to “realize there’s something bigger” than all of us, the “easier” things are going to be in one’s life.

The 66-year-old Hollywood icon gave his words of wisdom during a recent interview on “Jesse Watters Primetime while discussing his new movie “Father Stu.”

Watters asked Gibson if the film was about human “suffering.”

The host asked how, if one is grateful in suffering, they can receive “God’s grace.”

Gibson agreed that it was “one of the main themes” of the film before he explained further that we all are carrying “something around.”

“Everbody’s got a boulder, man,” Gibson said.

“And everybody’s got to drag … something around.

“And of course, something’s going to come by and knock you down at some point in your life. Now, later.”

“And how do you stand up from that, you know?” he added.

“How do you not only stand up, but find the purpose in that?

“There’s a purpose for all of this. So, it’s looking for that purpose.”


“I think if we’re too self-involved,” the superstar actor continued.

“I think if your head’s too big, put it that way, it’s an easier target to get hit.

“And if your ego’s not that healthy, if you actually realize there’s something greater than you and find a little bit of humility, you’re not going to get hit as hard, even if you do get hit, because you’re gonna realize that there’s a purpose in it, and you’re not the most important thing in the world, and that there’s a way to deal with that stuff, and almost be grateful for it.”

The “Braveheart” director and star explained that it’s about how a person will almost get to a point where they are “grateful” for the struggle.

The “Mad Max” star said another theme in the film is the fact that it’s “never too late to fix stuff,” noting how he has nine kids and he hasn’t “been a perfect parent.”

He added that he’s “realized on a few occasions that you can kind of go back and fix stuff if you missed it the first time around.”

“The sooner you realize there’s something bigger than all of us, the easier it’s going to be in your life,” Gibson concluded.

“Hard jump to make for a lot of us.”

“Father Stu” stars Mark Wahlberg who plays Father Stuart Long, a boxer who becomes a Catholic priest. 

A description on IMDb reads:

Follows the life of Father Stuart Long, a boxer-turned-priest who inspired countless people during his journey from self-destruction to redemption.

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