Men Don’t Mature Until They’re 40, Oxford Study Suggests

Men Don’t Mature Until They’re 40, Oxford Study Suggests

Science may prove men are not as mature as women

The notion that men are late developing in maturity compared to women has been the basis of popular TV shows and movies centered around a stereotypical immature ‘man child.’

Many believe that women bring maturity and responsibility into relationships and marriages, far more than men.

But is there science behind this?

According to the University of Oxford’s study, an attempt was made to clarify that the maturation of the human brain is distinguished by a prolonged development of functional and structural network properties extended into adulthood.

While this sound complex, it merely means the brain never stops developing, even in adulthood.

The research aimed to see which features transform during maturation, and which ones remain the same.

Scientists at the university used brain imaging to examine the brains of 121 participants between the ages of 4 and 40 years old.

Additionally, the scientists also tracked the changes in the various functions while taking into account the age and gender of the participants.

Although he results were surprising to some, they actually reaffirmed what many believed.

Results Of The Study

The study showed there was a difference between the male and female brain.

However, both genders end up developing the same brain capabilities and functions.

But the difference comes at the rate at which the brain develops.

Compared to women, men tend to have a delay in the development of functional networks.

Moreover, women have a much faster rate, which almost borders on the premature, deterioration of these networks.

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The findings seem to suggest that the female brain is somewhat more efficient than the male brain, which is why men are often considered more immature than women in adulthood.

But while men maturity is slower, it doesn’t make them less intelligent; it merely means men tend to be less responsible and more child-like, even as an adult.

According to Brightside: Eduardo Calixto, a professor of physiology and pharmacology on the Faculty of Medicine at UNAM, explained in a recent publication that although the brains of men are larger than those of women, the female one presents greater efficiency.

For example, it shows better memory, more neural connections, and an accurate perception of color and flavor. Calixto said that all of this has hormonal origins.

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