Much Loved Holistic Doctor Found Dead at Home

Much Loved Holistic Doctor Found Dead at Home

Natural healer Dr. Mark Flanagan dies of suspected suicide

A much loved holistic doctor has been found dead in his home, with police suspecting suicide.

62-year-old Dr. Mark Flanagan of Seguin, Texas was found hanging by friends in a tragic loss to the alternative healing community.

Dr. Flanagan was described by friends and patients as “fit and healthy” and “full of life,” leaving many shocked by his sudden death.

One of his colleagues described those that knew him as “still reeling in shock” at the news, especially as the well-respected doctor was “very pro-life,” with suicide being “against everything that he stood for.”

Words of condolence have poured in from well-wishers for their beloved chiropractor.

Denise Payne, of Clinton, MS said:

“What a great man we have lost, praying for the family to have comfort, strength, and peace.”

A childhood friend of the popular doctor said:

“I remember Mark very well from high school and Mississippi State University. Mark was a good guy and sounds like he became an awesome man, husband, father, and healer. Please accept my condolences.”

One of Dr. Flannegans regular patients said:

“May the family find peace and comfort in knowing all sickness, all pain and death will one day be gone for this has been promised.”

Dr. John “Mark” Flanagan’s obituary reads:

After Jesus had a backache only the world’s greatest chiropractor could fix, Dr. Mark Flanagan was promptly summoned to heaven on February 23rd, 2018 in Seguin, TX.

Forged onto this earth on July 12th, 1955, Mark was known for sporadic karate kicks, making people smile, and subsisting purely on tomatoes and ranch dressing. A fan of ‘80s action films, it’s been said Mark taught Chuck Norris everything he knows, and it’s rumored small earthquakes would appear in China after each back adjustment at his clinic.

He was an avid hunter of pigs, could name any song from classic rock to funk and would do anything to make someone’s day.

Mark is survived by more dolphin paraphernalia than a gift shop at one of those places with actual dolphins, an awesome ranch he poured his heart and soul into, and at least 3 copies of Open Range on DVD starring Academy Award™ Winner Kevin Costner.

He is also survived by his brother David Flanagan (who admits to stealing Mark’s Green VW Beetle in high school and blowing the engine), his sister and Reese Witherspoon impersonator Diane Flanagan, daughter and 2007 Little Miss Round Up™ Winner Brooke Flanagan, handsome look-a-like son Josh Flanagan, other lesser handsome sons Jason, Jeff, and Jake Flanagan, stepdaughter and George Straight dancing partner Britni Mueck, and three German grandchildren to whom he introduced the concept of “the buffet.”

You can make donations in Mark’s name to The Wade Busby Memorial to support youth in FFA and 4-H., P.O. Box 736, Marion, TX 78124.

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