Nando’s Restaurant Open on Christmas Day to Feed the Homeless

Nando’s Restaurant Open on Christmas Day to Feed the Homeless

Staff to provide free food and clothing to those less fortunate this over the festive season

A Nando’s branch in Scotland will open its doors on Christmas Day so its generous staff members can feed the homeless.

Employees at the Glasgow Waterloo Street branch are giving up time with their families this year to provide free food and clothing to the city’s homeless population.

Staff are encouraging customers to donate jackets, blankets, and gloves as festive gifts to people in need.

The fast-food chain has been praised for the move, which will see employees turn in for work to volunteer on Christmas Day.

The branch posted a picture of a sign on Facebook, which had been placed in the restaurant and stated its charitable intentions.

“We are planning on opening on Christmas Day to feed some of Glasgow’s many homeless,” the sign reads.

“We’d love to be able to give them some gifts to help them keep warm and clean and we need your help!!,” the Facebook post adds.

“We have placed a bin our entrance and would love if you could help us fill it with hats, gloves, blankets, toiletries, etc.

“Anything you can give would help so we can give these people at little bit of cheers on Christmas Day.

“We will be arranging invites with local charities who help the homeless so if anyone can assist us further with this that would be fantastic.”

After the announcement, many people had come forward and offered their support to the team, but due to health and safety regulations, Nando’s said they would be unable to help out.

“Unfortunately due to the nature of our business it isn’t quite as simple as just coming along and we would have to carry out all sorts of risk assessments, paperwork, training beforehand which we simply don’t have the time to do.

“The team are [sic] overwhelmed by the support shown and we think we have plenty of numbers to help on the day from our own team.”

Nando’s stores across the UK will be closed on Christmas Day, with exception to this branch, which will open its doors to help the homeless.

It is not yet clear whether or not the Waterloo Street branch will be the only store participating.

When people from other areas asked whether all Nando’s were taking part, the restaurant responded: “We know of some restaurants down south are, we are just keen to do something as we see the plight of the homeless on our doorstep every day.”

One Facebook user called Derek praised the staff members and said: “Well done you guys and gals, good idea. It is time to look after our own folks.”

Another added: “I’m on holiday Christmas Day but will pop in with gifts before Christmas I’m humbled to see so many kind peoples comments – it will be a great success !!!! Well done Nandos and there staff and helpers ….. very touching and kind – nobody should be homeless in 2019 x”

This is while another called Eddie said: “Well done Nando’s for allowing this to be put together and most of all to all the staff involved, you’re all amazing.”

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