Nickelodeon Pushes ‘Pro-Trans’ Song for Kids Sung by ‘Pro-Queer’ Drag Queen

Nickelodeon Pushes ‘Pro-Trans’ Song for Kids Sung by ‘Pro-Queer’ Drag Queen

Children’s TV network promotes pro-LGBTQ agenda for Pride Month

Nickelodeon is pushing a new song for Pride Month that features an aggressive “pro-queer” drag queen singing a “pro-trans” song for young children.

The kids’ TV network is promoting its pro-LGBTQ agenda with the new video for kids that normalizes “queer” and “trans” people with a performance by drag queen Nina West.

The video’s description says the song, titled “The Meaning of Pride,” is “about the meaning of the rainbow Pride flag.”

It explains that “June is Pride Month,” before calling on children to “celebrate by lifting up voices in the LGBTQIA+ community!”

West’s real name is Andrew Levitt and he “identifies” as gay and uses he/him/his pronouns, according to the Pride website.

During his transgender promotion video, he even salutes the Pride flag.

In the lyrics, West describes what each color in the Pride flag means.

It’s pretty innocuous stuff until he gets to “baby blue, pink, and white represents transgender people / because every letter in ‘LGBTQ-plus’ is equal.” 

Next West sings that “black and brown represents the transgender people of color,” as well as the pandemic-inspired mantra “we’re all in this together.”


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West — who was on Season 11 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” — recently appeared in animated form in another Pride Month music video for Nickelodeon’s “Blue’s Clues & You!” in which he sings to kids about “two daddies,” “two mommies,” as well as “trans,” “nonbinary,” and “pan” family members.

As is the case these days, a growing number of folks out there support the leftward turn much of our culture is taking — and, of course, they love the video.

However, not everyone sees it that way:

  • “Cancel Nickelodeon now!!!” political adviser Derek Utley tweeted in reaction the clip. “This is what they are pushing on your kids, folks.”
  • “We are living in very dark times,” another commenter said. “Pure evil.”
  • Be careful what [your] kids watch, family,” another user warned. “Satan is after their minds.”
  • “God has destroyed cities for less,” another commenter observed.
  • “This is absolutely disgusting,” another user wrote.

It will likely come as no surprise that the pro-LGBTQ songs featuring drag queen Nina West aren’t the only messages Nickelodeon cooked up for Pride Month.

The network’s Twitter page includes other reminders and talking points, such as a link to a People article about actor Michael D. Cohen, who transitioned over 20 years ago and just cast the first openly trans teen in a Nickelodeon live-action show “Danger Force.”

Other tweets include:

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