One Third of Millennials Sees Communism as ‘Favorable,’ Survey Shows

One Third of Millennials Sees Communism as ‘Favorable,’ Survey Shows

Victims of Communism poll finds growing popularity for communist society

A growing number of Millenials in America is supportive of communism and socialism for American society, a new survey has found.

The survey, conducted by the Victims of Communism and polled by the research and data firm YouGov, found that a staggering one-third of Millenials – people born between 1982 and 2002 – view communism as “favorable.”

And perhaps more immediately troubling, the study found that 70 percent of Millennials say they are likely to vote socialist.

The survey is part of the report “U.S. Attitudes Toward Socialism, Communism, and Collectivism” from Victims of Communism.

For the survey, 2,100 people were polled in the United States who were 16 and older with a margin of error of +/- 2.4 percent.

Almost half of the Millennials polled said the Communist Manifesto “guarantees freedom and equality” better than the Declaration of Independence.

The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation‘s executive director, Marion Smith, says “historical amnesia” is playing a role in the growing popularity.

“The historical amnesia about the dangers of communism and socialism is on full display in this year’s report,” Smith said.

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“When we don’t educate our youngest generations about the historical truth of 100 million victims murdered at the hands of communist regimes over the past century, we shouldn’t be surprised at their willingness to embrace Marxist ideas,” Smith added.

“We need to redouble our efforts to educate America’s youth about the history of communist regimes.”

Smith added that it’s imperative that we warn younger generations about “the dangers of socialism today.”

The Millennials polled for the survey also said they consider President Donald Trump the “biggest threat to world peace.”

They rated Trump as more dangerous to world peace than Russian President Vladimir Putin, North Korean leader Kim Jong-unor Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Ten percent of Millennials said Trump is “responsible for more deaths and human rights abuses” than mass-murderer and Russian leader Joseph Stalin or notorious German Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

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