Police Body Camera Footage Shows Baltimore Street Looking More Like a Warzone

Police Body Camera Footage Shows Baltimore Street Looking More Like a Warzone

Bodycam video captures extreme violence cops face

A recently-released police body camera video has gone viral after it shows the extreme violence that America’s police officers come into contact with.

An incident in Baltimore County, Maryland, was captured on a police bodycam this month and shows officers facing a situation that looks more like a warzone than an American street.

The video shows a snippet of what unexpected violence our men and women in blue face day after day.

The Official Baltimore County Police & Fire YouTube channel also includes audio recordings of neighbors’ 911 calls regarding an active shooter incident.

“We just had a house blow up,” one caller said.

“And the house next to it is on fire.”

“It jarred me out of bed,” said another.

“Somebody banging in somebody’s front door, and then I just heard three gunshots.”

When officers arrived at the chaotic scene in Woodlawn on May 8, one building was already engulfed in flames and the suspect stood outside, armed with his handgun and ready to fire, according to Western Journal.

Bodycam footage showed one officer arrives at the scene, exits his vehicle, and immediately comes under fire.

The officer took cover behind nearby vehicles and returned fire as other officers arrived on the scene.

Another officer’s bodycam footage recounted the incident as he located the suspect beside a red vehicle and opened fire until the man fell.

Officers dragged the shooter from the area beside the vehicle and apprehended him.

WATCH: (WARNING: The following video contains images that some viewers may find disturbing)

[embedded content]

Baltimore County Police & Fire’s video reported that three of the suspect’s victims died from their wounds.

A fourth person was shot and survived.

Police said the 56-year-old suspect, Everton Brown, set his own townhome on fire before indiscriminately shooting at neighbors who came to investigate the incident, according to The Baltimore Sun.

Justin Fenton, a criminal justice reporter at The Sun, recaptured the incident on Twitter as well, attaching screenshots from police bodycam footage.

In another tweet, Fenton added that police recovered a gun, a knife, and homemade explosives at the scene.

This tragic incident serves as a reminder of what our brave law enforcement officers potentially face on the job each day.

Without the courage these officers exercised in confronting this horrifying situation, we can only speculate what might have transpired.

This was a life-or-death situation and the officers went in knowing they might not return.

Our society owes its order and safety to the existence of such heroes.

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