Police Officer Recalls Meeting Jesus Christ During a Near-Death Experience

Police Officer Recalls Meeting Jesus Christ During a Near-Death Experience

Officer gets shot at and finds himself in front of the lord

A police officer in California has recounted meeting Jesus Christ after he almost lost his life during a raid to apprehend a child molestation suspect.

Sheriff’s Detective Ali Perez was shot at by suspect Daniel Robert Witczak, who was accused of distributing sexually explicit photos and videos of her 6- and 8-year-old daughters.

After Perez kicked down the door of the suspect’s Lakeside apartment, a bullet ripped through his left arm as another struck him in the torso.

As he lay bleeding, Perez was sure he wouldn’t leave alive.

Amid the dire situation, Perez found himself in an entirely different situation.

He described his thought process at the moment Jesus stepped in to rescue him.

“I was having a very hard time coming to terms with the fact that this is where I was going meet my end, and I was going to die right here, and there was nothing I could do to change it,” the detective said.

“And I expected a bullet to the head at any moment. And that’s when the miracle happens.”

Perez said he saw Jesus Christ standing between him and the suspect.

“Either one, I’m going home to the Lord, or two, I’m going home to Gracie and the kids, and either one is a win,” Perez said.

The Detective recalled asking the Lord what he intended for Perez to do about Witczak, who was still walking around the apartment with a rifle.


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Perez said in his vision, Jesus removed a feather from a nearby ink bottle and scratched out a note, which flew off the desk and landed on the detective’s vest.

“I pick it up, and I read it — and it says, ‘I want you to bless him,’” Perez said.

However, despite the man’s actions, Perez said God did not want the detective to “finish the job.”

Perez said he looked directly at Witczak and said, “God bless you, brother.”

The suspect’s demeanor appeared to change, Perez said.

Witczak helped the detective stand on his feet and walk toward the front door.

Perez said his backup team started firing as Witczak retreated.

Although it looked like an ideal opportunity to escape, the front door was closed, and Perez said he did not have the strength to open it.

Then suddenly the door opened by itself.

“I’m in no condition to open doors and turn handles and do all this stuff,” the detective recounted.

“Bad guy never made it to the door. Rescue team is at the bottom of the stairs; they never made it to the door.”

“How did the door get opened? God opened that door,” he added.

He then managed to crawl through the doorway, and then the rescue team member carried him away from the danger.

The suspect later surrendered and was taken into custody.

Perez was then taken to the emergency room where his family were informed by he doctors he had “no chance of survival,”

The news of his condition spread and prompted everyone at the hospital and police station to pray.

Their prayers were answered as the detective survived.

The recovery process included 27 surgeries and hours of difficult physical therapy, CBN reported.

“I got to spend three minutes with Jesus before my day of judgment,” he said.

“And if I got some cuts and bruises along the way and I lose the use of my arm, it was worth it. Every heartbeat and every breath is a gift from God.”

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