President Trump Receives Huge Standing Ovation at Army-Navy Football Game

President Trump Receives Huge Standing Ovation at Army-Navy Football Game

70,000-strong crowd cheers to give Trump a warm welcome

President Donald Trump received a standing ovation from the huge crowd of cheering supporters at a recent Army-Navy football game.

The 70,000-strong crowd gave an epic warm welcome to their president as he arrived for the match in Philidelphia recently.

The welcoming was a contrast to the jeers he received from crowds at a World Series baseball game in Washington, DC in late October.

Liberal news networks whipped themselves up into a frenzy when boos could be heard from the DC audience, yet the positive response to his appearance at the military game in Philly was notably underreported.

The commander-in-chief was taking time out ahead of the impending House impeachment vote in mid-December to enjoy the annual college football game at Lincoln Financial Field.

President Trump was in very high spirits as he met with players, seemingly in his element as he gave words of encouragement in the locker room ahead of the game, before he took to the field to partake in the coin toss.

President Trump, who touts himself as a great defender of the US military, has attended two other Army-Navy football games in recent years. 

And his vocal support for the armed forces appears to have paid dividends, as he was met with rousing cheers from 70,000 spectators in the stands. 

The warm welcome was a stark contrast to the jeers he received when he turned out to watch a World Series baseball game in Washington, DC last month. 

Trump was joined by the Army-Navy game with Defense Secretary Mark Esper.

The pair appeared somber as they placed their hands across their hearts during the playing of Star Spangled  Banner. 

However, after, Trump couldn’t help but indulge in some subtle re-election campaigning, donning his trademark red baseball cap emblazoned with his 2020 slogan “Keep America Great.”

Whilst inside the locker rooms, Trump appeared at home mingling with members of the military. 

He was seen shaking hands with players and patting them on the back.

According to US Today, he was picked up on a microphone telling the athletes to “have a good one.” 

He was even presented with a jersey brandishing the number 45 by the Army’s  Linebacker, Cole Christiansen.

He also received whoops and cheers from the players, after Defense Secretary Esper referenced the president’s decision to allow people at military academies to play professional sports before they serve their country. 

“The last time I saw your coach, he said ‘What about a waiver?’” Trump explained, addressing the football players.

“He [your coach] says some of these guys could play for the NFL, you could play for the Yankees, you could play for the Mets, you could play basketball, but instead they have to serve a long time.”

“So what we’re doing now, is you’ll go out and you’ll make a fortune and after you’re all finished with your professional career, you’ll go and you’ll serve!”

Trump previously attended the Army-Navy game in 2018.

He also was spotted in attendance back in 2016, when he was president-elect in 2016. 

10 presidents have previously attended the annual Army-Navy games, including Barack Obama, George W. Bush and John F. Kennedy.

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