Rock Fan With Cerebral Palsy Crowd Surfs in Wheelchair at Music Festival

Rock Fan With Cerebral Palsy Crowd Surfs in Wheelchair at Music Festival

Photographer Daniel Cruz captured the powerful image

A rock fan with cerebral palsy had his dream come true after crowds at the Resurrection Fest in north-western Spain lifted him in his wheelchair during a set from the heavy metal band Arch Enemy.

Photographer Daniel Cruz captured the powerful image of Alex and quickly went viral on social media.

The image shows Alex sitting his wheelchair as the crowd holds him up during the bands set.

The picture was taken in July at the festival in Viveiro Lugo and was labeled the photo of the summer as others shared their touching video online.

Photographer Daniel Cruz told Spanish media outlet LaSexta; he couldn’t let the moment go unrecorded.

“I got on the fence running, and I saw that the people were carrying Alex, it was an immediate reaction, to take the camera and take the picture.”

The band Arch Enemy even captured the moment from the stage and shared the video of what it described as an ‘incredible’ gesture by its ‘awesome’ fans.

“The Arch Enemy legions just being awesome as usual at @ResurrectionESP in Spain a couple of days ago,” the band tweeted.

According to the Spanish media outlet, La Opinion, it was Alex who requested the crowd lift him up.

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Although there was an area for disabled people at the festival, Alex said he preferred to be a part of the crowd.

He added that being lifted up made him feel more a part of the festival.

Alex’s family thanked the crowd for their gesture on Twitter, saying it ‘fulfilled his dream.’

The festival goer’s action was also praised on social media for making him feel a part of the festivities like everyone else.

“It’s great that, although some see difficulties, others see solutions and joys like that,” a young woman tweeted.

“Thanks to all those people who made Alex fulfill a dream … Let’s educate humanity,” added another.

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