School Resource Officer Prays for Students: ‘Time for America to Turn Back to God’

School Resource Officer Prays for Students: ‘Time for America to Turn Back to God’

A photo of Warren praying at the flagpole went viral

An Arkansas school resource officer is determined to bring America back to God, so much so he takes a moment out of the day to pray before the American flag outside of the school.

Officer DeAndra Warren prays for the protection of students and shows by example that religion should be in the mainstream.

Warren, who has worked for the Wynne Police Department in eastern Arkansas for 5 years, said he felt “led by the spirit of God to pray at the flagpole” due to the growing leftist-driven negativity towards police in America.

Warrens told the Washington Examiner:

“It’s just time for America to turn back to God, and praying at the flagpole that holds the American flag is a way for me to stand in the gap for not just the students in Wynne, Arkansas, but for all students in America.”

A viral photo of Warren praying at the flagpole is accompanied with the caption:

“Often you don’t see an officer on school grounds at the flag pole praying for our children!”

“I know this amazing Man of God who prays for our school systems, your children, and our community every day faithfully!”

“This outstanding man is my dad and I’m so proud to be his daughter!”

“There’s not too many people out here in this world like him! Officer Warren, we are so thankful for you!”

Warren is also minister at the Tabernacle of Faith New Testament Church.

The officer’s daily prayers caught the attention of many people.

Students, teachers, and parents alike have expressed their gratitude for Warren protecting the school while giving him encouraging words for his prayers and work.

“I give my God all the praise and glory for all he has done for me,” Warren said.

“It’s because of God that I am able to do what he allows me to do,” he added.

“When you serve God first, it’s easy to serve everybody else! To God be the Glory!”

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