Schools Accused of Pushing ‘Leftist Agenda’ onto Children with New Social Studies Curriculum

Schools Accused of Pushing ‘Leftist Agenda’ onto Children with New Social Studies Curriculum

Parents slam district for promoting fa-left ‘talking points’ in classroom

Parents have blasted their schools’ district over allegations the new social studies curriculum is pushing “leftist agenda talking points” onto their children.

The Elmbrook School District in Brookfield, Wisconsin, has recently re-evaluated its social studies curriculum.

The move was forced after local activists had begun advocating that the new curriculum includes teaching kids that “white feminism” failed racial minorities.

A poll was circulated by a group of area activists known as “What’s Next, Elmbrook?”

The survey, which has since been taken down, asks for input they can give to the curriculum review committee.

A screenshot of the poll shows parents being asked to choose which topics they thought the social studies curriculum should prioritize:

One parent in the district said that the survey for the revived curriculum mirrored left-leaning talking points, according to Disrn.

“Perhaps it is the time in which we are living that the list of nine topics simply seemed to focus more on left agenda talking points and were equally negative and depressing,” said the parent.

“It seems to me that the agenda is to focus solely on negative culture, redoing or erasing history and planting seeds of doubt on what we’ve traditionally been taught to believe.”

Even though it was posted on Facebook to a school parent group by the district’s Parent Network Leadership Council’s Director of Communications Liz Beaudoin, Elmbrook School District claims that the survey was circulated only by alumni and activists.

“I am a 5th-grade teacher and believe the education system has let down our Black community” a post from the “What’s Next, Elmbrook?” Twitter account reads.

“I have failed my students in teaching them the [sic] social inequality because I was never required to learn about this during my time at school.

“As a teacher, my job is to help students acquire knowledge.

“This knowledge needs to include racial and social injustice as a standard in the curriculum.

“We have to be/do better for our students and that starts with change.”

Some parents feel they are losing the curriculum battle.

“Our children cannot escape this leftist messaging,” said the parent.

“And as students, regardless of their family or personal values and beliefs, they are forced to listen and agree for fear of being labeled as a hater or racist.”

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