Shark Tries To Attack Dog, But Other Dogs Rush To Save Him – WATCH

Shark Tries To Attack Dog, But Other Dogs Rush To Save Him – WATCH

Video remind us of how much we love dogs

A video of a dog, being saved by an entire pack of other dogs after a shark attacked it, went viral in June.

The video, which was posted by @Frenchring51 on Twitter, shows the dog relaxing by the ocean before the shark attacks him.

But a bunch of other dogs nearby saw his distress and jumped in.

The video shows the dogs leaping into action in almost military fashion as they reached to the dog’s aide.

The video is a reminder of why humans genuinely don’t deserve dogs.

When you’re up against a massive shark, there is a lot of bravery involved.

The furry animals did not hesitate and immediately rushed into the water to save their friend.

The kind of loyalty is something that has to be wired into your DNA.

One minute the shark was about to get a leisurely lunch.

The next, he had a pack of dogs on his tail.

It is interesting to note that the dogs’ strategy to drive away the shark was to rattle the predator up.

The dogs caught him off-guard and cornered him, which tricked the shark into feeling helpless.

The daring dogs have once again shown us that it is not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog that matters! Go doggies!

How you could watch that video above and not love dogs is beyond me. You’d have to be heartless to not love them after watching a whole pack drive off a dog.

Shoutout to all those good boys for a job well done. Now get them a bone and some toys.

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