Starving Dog Who Ate Sticks and Stones to Survive Saved By Viral Post

Starving Dog Who Ate Sticks and Stones to Survive Saved By Viral Post

Parish animal control page posts unite animal lovers

When a picture of a starving dog was posted on a parish animal control page in Louisiana, animal lovers across New Orleans united to get the dog to a no-kill rescue shelter, the Southern Animal Foundation.

Assistant Director Deanna Theis said she had seen before she met the dogs, which was now a bag of bones.

The dog, Alex, was in a desperate his situation.

“Severe neglect and starvation, that’s what we saw in the picture. It was a terrified emaciated dog that needed help fast,” she told WVUE.

When they rescued Ales, they could not believe he had made it this far.

“How he [was] still alive at this point [was] pretty much a miracle,” Theis said.

If the organization had not come to the rescue, then Alex would have likely been put down at the parish shelter.

“He was extremely close to death. If they’re not pulled by rescues, they’re euthanized.”

The Southern Animal Foundation began administering Alex a controlled diet to help him build his strength gradually.

Within 24 hours, the dog gained 2 pounds (approx. 1 kg) – as SAF posted on their Facebook page as proof of how hungry he was!

But the most upsetting moment came when Alex was X-rayed.

The scan revealed Alex was surviving by eating rocks and sticks. 

He had to have surgery to remove the debris before he could get back to normal.

He eventually put on weight and became ready to be fostered and adopted.

Alex’s incredibly sad story captured the hearts of New Orleans residents.

As SAF pointed out in a Facebook post, “he doesn’t know he looks pitiful, and he loves us already.”

Soon enough, the post went viral, and everyone knew about the story of the miracle dog that survived intense starvation.

Alex also helped SAF raise money and attention for their efforts, even landing a professional photoshoot.

Dog lovers around the country also sent care packages with fun treats and toys for Alex.

But the day finally came when Deanna Theis and her fellow staff members said goodbye to Alex when Diane Lundeen adopted him, actually had two Weimaraners already.

“He has good color in his gums; his eyes are bright; when he goes to sit down, he doesn’t whine.

He has this incredible joy for life that’s awesome,” his proud mother said.SAF said on Facebook:

“Were sad to see him go, but it’s time for him to experience life in a loving home.”

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